A Simple Homemade Dessert That Your Family Will Love – Try Dry Fruit Malai Recipe Today!


Have you ever wished to create a dessert that’s not just sweet but also a heavenly blend of richness and nutty goodness? Look no further you’re your own kitchen to create a masterpiece that’s both tasty and healthy as compared to store-bought desserts – homemade Dry Fruit Malai dessert. This dessert is a burst of rich flavours, combining the creaminess of malai with the wholesome goodness of dry fruits. Let’s learn to create this delectable treat that will leave your taste buds impressed.
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Dry Fruit Malai – Delight in Every Spoonful:

Indulge in the velvety richness of malai entwined with the crunch of dry fruits. Each spoonful carries the essence of your culinary creativity. This dessert is not just a treat for your palate but a celebration of the artistry that happens in your kitchen.
Experiment and Enjoy:

Feel free to experiment with the choice of dry fruits or tweak the sweetness according to your liking. The beauty of homemade desserts lies in the freedom to personalise and create something uniquely yours. Need more sweetness? Add raisins. Want more creaminess? Add cashews!
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How To Make Dry Fruits Malai I Dry Fruits Malai Recipe:

1. Whisking the Malai:
In a bowl, take a generous helping of malai. Now, whisk it for a few seconds. Feel the excitement as the malai transforms into a creamy base for our delightful dessert.
2. Sweetening the Symphony:
To our whipped malai, add powdered sugar. Mix it in until the sugar dissolves completely. 
3. Adding the Liquid Elixir:
Now, it’s time to introduce milk into our concoction. Pour in the milk and give it a good stir. Watch as the malai and milk unite to create a luscious texture, setting the foundation for our dessert.
4. The Nutty Ensemble:
Bring in the stars of our dessert – the dry fruits. 
5. Blending It:
Combine the apple, banana, cardamom powder, almonds, cashews, and pistachios. Let the ingredients blend well.
6. Bringing it All Together:
Introduce the nutty ensemble to the creamy malai mixture. 

Click here for the complete ingredients list and recipe steps for dry fruit malai.

This homemade Dry Fruit Malai dessert gives you the joy that comes from crafting something delightful with your own hands. Share this creation with your loved ones, and let the sweet moments linger on their taste buds.

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