Adorable Or Scary? Beer Crashes Wedding, Gobbles Down The Fancy Desserts


On our daily scrolls through the internet, we often come across plenty of hilarious incidents from all over the world. These often bring a smile to our face and make us wonder at the peculiar situation and how it actually happened. Recently, one such anecdote from Colorado, US surfaced online and left in splits. A couple decided to tie the knot at a grand ceremony in Colorado which seems like a general occurrence in any city. However, the couple and their wedding ended up coming to the news as a bear crashed their wedding to feast on the yummy desserts served for guests.
Cailyn McRossie-Martinez and Brandon Martinez got married in the summer with their family and friends attending the ceremony. A lot of unexpected events happened during their ceremony including unscheduled heavy rain that made all their guests drenching wet. However, the couple were in for a real shock when they saw that a bear had actually entered the tent and was gorging on the desserts. In the pictures, we could see the furry animal quietly feasting on desserts. “Then a bear ate our dessert bar,” wrote Cailyn in a post on Facebook. Take a look:

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“It’s not too often you go into your dessert table and see a bear crashing it and eating all of it,” Brandon Martinez told 9news. Then, he started to devour the desserts that were to be served to the wedding guests including lemon bars and cannolis. Security shooed away the animal later and thankfully no one was hurt. But it indeed made for a memorable story!
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