Aloo Posto Recipe – A Signature Bengali Dish That You Can Easily Make At Home (Recipe Inside)


For north Indians, crispy spiced aloo is an anytime go-to side dish for a usual homemade meal. Bengalis share the same fetish for potatoes, but in the form of aloo posto. Posto, in Bengali, is referred to poppy seeds, which are called khus khus in Hindi. As strange as it may sound to us, potatoes and poppy seeds make for quite a heady combination. In fact, aloo posto is as commonly made in Bengali households, as jeera aloo or aloo gobhi is other parts of the country. You’ll always find poppy seeds among other spices, stacked in Bengali kitchens. 

Aloo posto is a very simple, easy-to-make dish. It is usually paired with dal and steamed rice or bhaat; although, it tastes just as good with roti or paratha. There are also many variations found of this dish. Traditionally, made with just potatoes, poppy seeds, salt and green chillies, many people add other spices like cumin and kalonji to it. You can also cook it with onions, or experiment in your own way. Here we have an easy-to-make recipe of aloo posto for beginners. 

Aloo Posto Recipe: How To Make Bengali Aloo Posto

If you are a fan of Bengali food, you must try making aloo posto at home. Click here for the easy, detailed, step-by-step recipe of aloo posto. 

Just like any other aloo sabzi, aloo posto is also enjoyed with crispy fried potatoes. So first, fry the potatoes till golden brown. Posto is made by roasting and grinding poppy seeds along with green chillies into a paste. Many people soak the poppy seeds overnight or for few hours before grinding them. Rest of the process is really simple. Just roast cumin seeds and whole red chillies with turmeric powder, add posto (poppy seeds and green chillies) paste, and mix well. Then cook with fried potatoes for some time and your signature Bengali aloo posto is ready.

We are sure you’ll love this recipe and will come back to it again and again. 

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