AmphetaDesk – What’s New?


AmphetaDesk – What’s New?

After an impromptu poll on the amphetadesk-discuss
mailing list, it came to light that people wanted quicker releases,
not large “gee whiz, look at all this stuff!” attempts. As such,
AmphetaDesk v0.93.1 was released on October 31st, 2002, bringing
with it mostly bugfixes, security enhancements and minor feature
updates here and there. Read on, dear news hound:

  • Improved Compatibility: AmphetaDesk once again
    works on Windows 95 and Macintosh OS 7-9. I’d like to apologize for all the
    Mac users that had to wait patiently, and all the Windows 95 users that were
    caught unaware (as was I). Don’t hesitate to let me know if things aren’t
    quite right.
  • Optional Radio Userland Listening: AmphetaDesk can
    now optionally parse the “coffee mug” icon that is often shown on
    Radio Userland produced websites.
    This feature is turned off by default (as it could conflict with an existing
    installation of Radio Userland on your machine). More information is
    available on AmphetaDesk’s “My Settings” page once you install the v0.93.1
  • New Minor Features: Nothing super
    exciting, but noteworthy additions include:

    • A channel’s email address is now saved in myChannels.opml.
    • A frontend to modifying the HTTP referer has been added.
    • Authenticated proxies are now supported.
    • Channel descriptive data is now updated after each parse.
    • Channels and settings are now saved before being shut down.
    • Encoded content from mod_content is now displayed.
    • HTTP headers are now output correctly for proxy servers.
    • PNG images are now displayed correctly.
    • Templates have been tweaked for more speed.
  • Security Updates: I consider these three
    tiny lines to be reason alone for your updating:

    • Access from machines other than localhost is off by default.
    • URLs are now checked for funny business.
    • We no longer divulge the full path on a 404.
  • Bug Fixes: For more geekish explanations
    and fixes, check out the CHANGELOG:

    • AmphetaDesk.log may not have been saved in the correct directory.
    • Defaulting to “” on a directory request works correctly on Win32.
    • Importing feeds no longer clobbers existing attributes not in the source.
    • Matching filenames randomize to four places now, not two.
    • Old, unsubscribed channel data is now removed at startup.
    • OS X: Cleaned up some extraneous logging to the window.
    • Removed our ugly onClick img hack on a channel deletion.
    • We no longer crash on XML files encoded as UTF-8 with BOM.
    • We no longer crash on feeds that have more than one channel.
    • We no longer die when a channel has only one item.
    • We no longer die when myChannels.opml only has one channel.
    • Webserver shutdown was not correct, causing the port to remain open.
    • Win32: Proper systray and window maximization now occurs.


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