Home HEALTH & FITNESS “And It Happened” – Karisma Kapoors Sunday Indulgence Featured This Cheesy Delight

“And It Happened” – Karisma Kapoors Sunday Indulgence Featured This Cheesy Delight

“And It Happened” – Karisma Kapoors Sunday Indulgence Featured This Cheesy Delight


Among the many delights of Italian cuisine, pizza stands tall as a beloved classic. From the simplicity of cheese and tomato sauce to the extravagance of loaded toppings, there are pizza varieties to cater to diverse tastes. This uncomplicated yet delightful dish, with its combination of bread, cheese, vegetables and/or meat, has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. And Karisma Kapoor seems to be one of them. She recently shared her pizza passion via her Instagram Stories. A snapshot of her pizza indulgence revealed a cheesy masterpiece topped with pepperoni. The story held an air of mystery, as her caption hinted at something special, saying, “And, it happened (face savouring delicious food emoji) Thank you (you know who (face with tears of joy emoji)) (hug emoji).” Her pizza tale not only celebrated this culinary favourite but also left us intrigued by the meaning of her added text.
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Check out Karisma Kapoor’s Instagram Story below:


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Want to recreate Karisma Kapoor’s delicious pepperoni pizza in your own kitchen? Click here for an easy recipe.

Karisma Kapoor’s genuine love for food often shines through her Instagram posts and stories. A few days ago, the actress showcased her affection for Indian street food on Independence Day. On Instagram, Karisma shared a special post where the star of the show was a plate of sev puri. The sight was a treat in itself — crispy puris topped with flavorful aloo masala, onions, and, of course, sev on top. Karisma’s post not only commemorated the nation’s freedom but also showcased her love for this street-style treat. Read the full story here.

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Earlier, Karisma Kapoor had the privilege of joining a select group of celebrities who savoured Indian Accent’s signature creations before its Mumbai launch. Her Instagram Stories showcased a delightful collage of her culinary adventure. The foodilicious journey began with a unique chaat that featured chole bhature accompanied by tangy pickled green chilli peppers. Corn adorned the plate alongside bowls of pickles and chickpeas. After that, another chaat graced the table: the ‘smoked eggplant maple plantain.’ Slices of cooked eggplant were garnished with multiple toppings, creating a visual feast. Anar and churn kulfi arrived next, beautifully presented in miniature pressure cookers. The flavorful journey continued with pulled lamb dumplings served with white gravy. Of course, she did not miss out on the restaurant’s renowned daulat ki chaat either. To read the full story, click here.

Karisma Kapoor will be next seen in Murder Mubarak with Sara Ali Khan and Sanjay Kapoor.


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