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Anushka Sharma Is Drooling Over “This Food”; Guess What

Anushka Sharma Is Drooling Over “This Food”; Guess What


Anushka Sharma has a sweet tooth. We didn’t say it, her sweet indulgences stand proof to the statement. Anushka often shares glimpses of her culinary tales with fans on Instagram. And as far as we have kept a track of her shenanigans, sweet dishes simply dominate them. Don’t believe us? Head straight to Anushka’s Instagram Stories. This time, her sweetmeat spread featured a delicious-looking ice cream platter accompanied by a couple of fresh fruits, kiwi, cheery, and raspberry to name a few. Next to it were two vibrant-looking platters of the sweet delicacy. Going by Anushka’s Instagram Stories, Michelin Star Chef Surender Mohan is to be credited for the delicious spread. Along with a photo, the actress wrote, “This food”, and added three drooling emojis. 

Have a look:

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Anushka Sharma’s Instagram story

Anushka Sharma tries to keep her Instagram real and relatable. Amidst her work and life updates, what we truly love is her food indulgences. The actress is a sucker for sweet treats and never shies away from admitting it to her fans. Anushka left us craving some delicious chocolate cake with her Instagram upload. She has shared a photo of a rich and decadent chocolate cake with exotic berries like strawberry, blueberry, and mulberry on the top. Yummy is an understatement here. “I mean, why not,” Anushka wrote alongside the picture

Anushka Sharma and her love affair with cakes is no longer a secret. A while back,  she devoured chocolate cake with creamy layers and a hard chocolate crust on top. And, we couldn’t help but drool.

And, we are waiting for the next set of pictures from her food adventures. 


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