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Asian Glitch Is Delivering The Best Of Tangra Cuisine To Your Doorstep

Asian Glitch Is Delivering The Best Of Tangra Cuisine To Your Doorstep


I believe it would be fair to say that 2021 has been quite an unusual year. And while some are still coping up with the challenges of the post-pandemic world, we’re determined to make the most of these last few days of the year in the best way we know how – by enjoying the food from the old as well as new places that opened in our cities this year. There’s no doubt that good food makes everything better. I’m mighty glad that the restaurant industry is picking up the pace and making it easier for us to cruise through the year smoothly. 

Perhaps one of the biggest cloud kitchens around, Asian Glitch was launched this year and has been wowing the food connoisseurs. There is a unique charm in the cuisine at Asian Glitch. With a fine selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, the cloud kitchen boasts specialities inspired by the flavours of Japan, Korea, Tibet, Burma, Malaysia, China and, of course, India.

As the name suggests, Asian Glitch takes inspiration from an anomaly, a mistake that results in something that is beautiful and positively unexpected – a serendipity! For example, a glitch that led John and Keith Kellogg to discover cornflakes when they pressed stale wheat through rollers to sustain budgets.


Food At Asian Glitch

While the menu is curated to include specialities from all over Asia, the soul of Asian Glitch is Tangra Chinese cuisine. For the unversed, Tangra Chinese is the unique Indian spin to traditional Hakka Chinese cuisine.  Characterized by the use of native Indian ingredients that have been adapted to Chinese cooking techniques, Tangra Chinese food is arguably one of the most popular cuisines in our country.  


Chilli Chicken


Chilli Basil Fried Rice


Burnt Garlic Noodles and Manchurian

Our recommendations: Chicken Coriander Dimsum, Spinach Pokchoy, Kolkata Chilli Chicken, Chicken Manchurian Gravy, Chilli Basil Fried Rice, Burnt Garlic Noodles, and Veg in Black Bean Sauce. Dessert lovers should not miss the delightful Sticky Toffee Pudding.
Where: Shiva Market, Sector 28, Chakkarpur, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Price: INR 450 for one order (approx.)


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