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Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes While Making Ladoo At Home This Diwali

Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes While Making Ladoo At Home This Diwali


Are you planning to make ladoos at home this Diwali? Is this the first time you are trying your hand at making ladoos? Do you struggle while binding the ladoo? Does your ladoo turn out too dry? Fret not, we have the perfect solution for all your problems. Food and festivities go hand-in-hand, and we get a range of desserts to savour during this time of the year. While the list of sweet treats is long and varies from person to person, there are a few that remain constant – ladoo reigning supreme. From offering it as bhog to the deity to exchanging it as a festive gift, ladoo is a popular choice. This is why making ladoo at home has become a tradition for many during this time of the year. In this article, we will take you through some of the common mistakes people make that end up ruining the look and taste of the ladoo. Go through the points mentioned below and avoid these mistakes of making halwai-like ladoo at home. Read on.
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6 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Making Ladoo:

1. Toasting on a high flame:

It is important to toast the ingredients before making ladoo out of them. But remember to be careful while doing so. Some people keep the flame high in a bid to reduce the cooking time, which unfortunately ends up burning the ingredients. For instance, frying besan or boondi on high flame can make them hard, dry, and tasteless as well. Ideally, keep the flame on low to medium heat and toast the ingredients with utmost patience.

2. Not toasting the ingredients at all:

Another mistake we make is using raw ingredients. To avoid the ingredients from getting burnt, people often use raw or half-cooked ingredients while making ladoo. If you plan to do so, then abandon the thought right away. Raw ingredients not only taste bad but also make it difficult to bind the ladoos. Toasting helps release natural oils from the ingredients, making it easier to bind.

3. Adding unroasted dry fruits:

Many people add raw dry fruits as is in the ladoo mixture. But trust us, roasting these dry fruits in ghee enhances the flavours. Roasting is a great method to bring out the aroma in the dry fruits, making them even more scrumptious. Ideally, you should follow the same process with the spices you add to the ladoo mixture.
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4. Adding powdered sugar to save cooking time:

Always remember that cooking is all about time, dedication, and patience. Following any kind of shortcut in the cooking process only ruins the food. We have seen people often opting for powdered sugar instead of granules, thinking that it mixes with the ladoo more easily. But the truth is, it ends up burning the food as powdered sugar tends to caramelize faster than usual.

5. Sugar syrup turning way too thick or thin:

Let’s put it straight – the syrup consistency is the key to perfectly moist and round ladoos. Making it too thick or too thin either turns the ladoo hard or makes it way too soft to hold the shape. A perfect syrup should have a single string consistency, popularly termed as ‘ek taar’ in Hindi.

6. Adding excess ghee/fat:

We agree that ghee-laden ladoos taste great, but excess of everything is bad. In this case, adding extra ghee makes the ladoo too moist to hold the shape. It is always good to start with less ghee to roast the flour and add the rest gradually while shaping the ladoos.
Now that you have the tips and tricks to make ladoos at home perfectly, we suggest trying some of our favourite recipes for this festive treat. Click here for some delicious ladoo recipes.


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