Bajra Ki Raab: The Coolest Way to Power Up Your Immune System and Your Taste Buds!


Chilly breeze and rosy cheeks, winter is here and so is the time to indulge in delicious beverages. While most of us have our masala chais and filter coffees to the rescue, not many people know that millet can also make an excellent alternative when we need to fight the cold. Traditional to Gujarati and Rajasthani homes, Bajra ki Raab is a delightful beverage, prepared especially in the winter. Bajra flour is known for its nutritional benefits and a quick, easy-to-make raab made from it is nothing but delicious and healthy. Made in just 15 minutes, Bajra ki Raab helps strengthen your immunity and fight off winter spoilers like cold and flu.  

What Are The Health Benefits Of Bajra Ki Raab?

Bajra ki Raab helps build your immunity.

Bajra ki Raab helps build your immunity.
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Since Bajra (pearl millet) is a starchy grain and packed with fibre, consuming a raab (a thin porridge-like drink) provides your body with much-needed energy that helps patients with heart diseases lower their cholesterol levels. This millet is loaded with niacin, magnesium and potassium and helps reduce blood pressure. Bajra is also rich in B-complex vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc which improves your overall bone health, brain function and vitality. The presence of ajwain in this drink boosts your immunity and is good for your digestive system. 

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Does Bajra Ki Raab Help Facilitate Weight Loss?

The answer is yes! Bajra is a superfood and is loaded with insoluble fibre that helps in reducing weight and fat around your tummy. Moreover, other ingredients present in this raab help provide nutrition, strengthen your immune system and keep you full throughout the day. Moreover, Bajra ki Raag is an ideal beverage for someone who is looking for ways to fight off cold and flu in this chilly season.

Bajra Ki Raab: How To Make Bajra Ki Raab

Bajra ki Raab is an easy to prepare beverage that can make an excellent alternative to chai.

Bajra ki Raab is an easy-to-prepare beverage that can make an excellent alternative to chai.
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In a pan, take four tablespoons of ghee and add ajwain seeds once it’s hot.
After the ajwain seeds start to sputter, add 6 tablespoons of bajra flour and roast it for 2-3 minutes till you start smelling the aroma of bajra.
To roasted bajra, add the rest of the ingredients – grated/powdered jaggery, ginger powder, salt and 4 cups of water.
Mix well so that there are no lumps left in the slurry and jaggery is completely dissolved in the mixture.
Boil the mixture and continue to cook it for another 7-8 minutes.
Your Bajra ki Raab is ready! Garnish the raab with chopped dry nuts and serve hot!

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So try this easy-to-make traditional drink this winter and keep cold, flu and even your weight at bay!

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