Bangalores Masala Puri: A Fusion Of Flavors And A Feast For The Senses (Recipe Inside)


If you are like us, then you know the weekend calls for indulgence. After following a strict routine for a whole week, it’s time to unwind, and what better than a plate of spicy chaat to feast on?! You can find different types of chaat in different regions of India. They not only add diversity to the food map but also define the palate of a specific region. For instance, chaat in Delhi and the northern part of India features a balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavours with the use of different types of chutneys. While in Bengal, people eliminate the sweetness from their chaat and load up on roasted masala and lemon (and lemon leaves). Likewise, if you explore the southern region, you will find a wide use of green or safed matar in every chaat recipe. From using it as the stuffing for pani puri to making a base for papdi chaat, boiled matar is everywhere.

During one of our trips to Bangalore, we came across another matar-based chaat recipe that left us impressed with its amazing layers of flavour and texture. So much so that we thought of trying it out at home and sharing the recipe with you. It is called masala puri.

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Pani puri chaat makes for a delicious snack. Image Credit: iStock

About Bangalore’s Special Masala Puri:

To put it simply, masala puri is a deconstructed panipuri where the puri is broken and spread as a base, on which you add matar mix, tangy sauce, and other ingredients. What caught our interest is its resemblance to Delhi’s matar chaat and Mumbai’s missal. But don’t get confused, masala puri has its unique features too. It is not as spicy and hot as missal, and also, the dish includes an extra layer of crunch that’s missing in the regular matar chaat.

What Makes Masala Puri a Popular Dish in Bangalore:

In a place like Bangalore, where people are pressed for time, this dish comes as a quick and affordable bite that is wholesome as well. It has protein-rich matar, carb-loaded puri, and spicy masalas, making it a complete meal. Visit any area in the city, and you will find street vendors selling masala puri throughout the day. In terms of its popularity and accessibility, you can call masala puri the South Indian counterpart of chole kulche, available at every nook and corner of Delhi.

Now, if the dish has caught your interest, we say waste no time and make yourself a plate of Bangalore-style masala puri this weekend and enjoy.

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How to Make Bangalore-Style Masala Puri:

To make the job easy, you can go for store-bought puris and prepare the masala at home. Start by boiling white or dried green matar with turmeric and salt, and mash it coarsely. Then prepare a masala with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, and different types of masalas. Now, along with some portion of boiled matar, add the spice mix in a blender and make a smooth paste.

Use that paste as a gravy and cook it with the rest of the matar for some time. Now, it’s time to assemble. Break the puri and prepare a bed. Pour the matar on top. Garnish with chutney, sev, tomato, onion, and coriander, and serve. Click here for the detailed recipe.

Enjoy your weekend!

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