Bartenders Mesmerising Slow-Motion Cocktail Video Goes Viral, Internet Calls It “Pure Magic”


People are often captivated by the artistry and skill of bartenders as they expertly mix drinks. The rhythmic dance of their hands, the precision in measuring ingredients, and the flair in creating visually appealing cocktails contribute to a fascinating spectacle. Watching a skilled bartender in action is almost a form of entertainment, as patrons appreciate not just the final beverage but also the craftsmanship and showmanship involved in the process. Recently, a bartender shared a short slow-motion clip on Instagram, showcasing his cocktail-making prowess. 

In the video, the bartender skillfully prepared an orange-coloured drink with just two glasses. With expert precision, the mixologist executed a flawless mixing technique, as the drink soared from one container to another and not a single drop was spilt. He captioned the video, “Everything looks great in slow motion.” 

Watch the video here: 

The post, only a week old, has already gathered more than 44 million views, impressing many with the bartender’s skills.

One user wrote, “You deserve billions of likes and views. Very unique. Lots of love and respect for you.”

“Naturally pure magic, nice one boss,” another user commented, while someone said he had “pure talent” and he was “born just to do that.”

“This guy is good, we have to give him more recognition,“ praised another, while one user wanted to take lessons from him, asking, “Where can I find you to do some classes? My dream is to juggle drinks.”

A user joked, “Not me sending off the alcohol first class straight to the ground if I try this.”

In another incident in India, a roadside juice seller from Kerala amazed the internet with his amazing juggling skills while making sugarcane juice manually. Many online viewers noted that if he had been a bartender with such skills, he would have earned significant praise. Read more here

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