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Best Restaurants In Sector 104, Noida That Every Foodie Must Visit

Best Restaurants In Sector 104, Noida That Every Foodie Must Visit


Tired of travelling to Delhi for every small occasion? Gone are the days when Noida’s food scene lacked excitement! Sector 104 in Noida is emerging as a strong contender among other food hubs and is now being celebrated as the new favourite of food enthusiasts. Offering a diverse range of Indian and international cuisines, Sector 104 has something to please every palate. If you are in the Delhi NCR region, these are some must-visit restaurants where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
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Here Are 5 Restaurants In Sector 104 Noida To Try:

1. Habidade

Run by three friends, Habidade can be described as the town’s most beloved neighbourhood cafe. Nestled in the heart of the 104 market, this cafe promises a blissful experience. Their extensive menu boasts freshly brewed coffee, crispy wontons, spicy peri-peri fries, delectable rice paper rolls, and much more. Habidade aims to create a welcoming and warm environment for all patrons, with seating spread across three levels. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful setting or planning to catch up with an old friend over coffee, Habidade is an ideal choice.

2. Cheesepull

The name says it all – Cheesepull is the perfect destination for all things cheesy! With a unique concept, their menu offers a variety of creations crafted from cheese. They take pride in their handmade cheese skulls, mozzarella sticks, and pizza. Don’t miss their cheese-injected crispy burgers. The colourful and lively decor will instantly transport you to the vibrant streets of Venice. If you’re a cheese lover, this cafe should be at the top of your bucket list.

3. Blunch Cafe And Patisserie

A haven for Pan-Asian and dessert lovers, a visit to Sector 104 is incomplete without stopping by Blunch. Blunch brings flavours from across the globe, from South Asia to Italy. It’s a dream come true for those looking to explore diverse cuisines. The beautiful ambience and creative plating elevate the dining experience. Some must-try dishes include Ravioli Pasta, Garlic Knots, Mango Cheesecakes, and Pad Thai noodles.

4. Cafe De’lan

Cafe De’lan is the ultimate solution for all your cravings. From tacos to tikkas, you name it, and they have it. Whether you prefer Indian cuisine or European delights, at De’lan, you’ll find top-quality food prepared with meticulous care. The grand ambience and attentive staff make De’lan a top choice for many. Some recommended dishes include Lamb Boti Pepper Fry, Asparagus Malai Kofta, Thyme Cottage Cheese, and Turkish Balloon Bread.

5. The Saffron Boutique

Looking for a dining experience with a touch of Greece? The Saffron Boutique makes your dinner unique with its beautiful decor, friendly atmosphere, and live music. It’s the perfect spot for a candlelight dinner. Saffron claims to bring the freshest ingredients and local seasonal produce to your plate. It’s no exaggeration that the restaurant provides an exceptional food and dining experience. Whether you’re in the mood for Asian flavours or craving the comforts of Continental cuisine, Saffron Boutique offers a delightful selection that will leave you eagerly returning for more.

So, don’t stress about making a trip to Delhi every weekend. Sector 104 in Noida is your one-stop destination for all your food plans. If you’re in search of elegant and classy cafes with delicious food, these restaurants are an absolute must-visit.


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