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BGR India is back with the second episode of BGR Talks. As part of the series, the publication conducts interviews with top industry stakeholders, CEOs, founders, and more. In this new episode they spoke with Senior Regional Director, Emerging Markets at Dolby Laboratories, Ashim Mathur.

Ashim has been a marketing guru for some of the top global companies. He started off at LG Electronics as the Marketing Manager in 1999 and moved to Microsoft as the Director of Marketing in 2005. During his time there he saw the launch of the Xbox 360. And he finally moved to Dolby Laboratories in 2010 and is currently the Senior Regional Director, for Emerging Markets and handled projects that included technologies like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Access.

The interview started off speaking to Mathur about his long tenure of about 21 years in the industry and what key changes he has observed in this time. He elaborated on it and said that time has changed our lives completely in the last 20 years. Back then everyone didn’t even have mobile phones and no we can be a day without them. Technologies have evolved rapidly from CRT to Plasma to LCD to LED to OLED. The media as well as the mediums have changed.

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He mentions the positives of competition and how it helps people achieve higher things in life. And in the times after the covid situation, we will all have to adapt since it’s a new situation for all. Dolby is currently concentrating on trying to bring the cinematic effect to the homes of people. Though it would usually have taken time to reach such levels but the lockdown has accelerated it greatly.

Playing games and working on marketing them for Microsoft was one of the biggest positives. And to join Dolby when it had just reached India and it has been a great learning journey for him in Dolby. As for next steps for Dolby, in India the existing technologies needs to be evenly spread out. There are almost 700 screens in India that come with Dolby Atmos, and the company would want to have this technology be used by more screens for an evolved experience. The core focus for Dolby in India would be to follow the path it has. Dolby will try to drive the present balance in creation, distribution and playback side of things according to Mathur.

Dolby On is the new app that the company launched, and Mathur discussed about it and explains how this is a brilliant app for content creators who can’t access the studios at the moment. The relevance of awareness of the new technologies is important explains Mathur. Creating awareness and education is integral in terms of the acceptability of different technologies.

Speaking about games and the evolution of technology, Mathur explains how Dolby technologies enrich the experience and help gamers as well. Speaking about cricket, Mathur found our suggestion of how Dolby could improve the experience for cricketers and now just the viewers, and wanted to approach his team about this.

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