Bhagyashree Made This Popular Fasting Food And Even Shared Its Recipe


Bhagyashree is quite a foodie and her social media posts reflect this side of her personality. Even on vacations, she doesn’t let go of any opportunity to indulge her tastebuds. Recently, Bhagyashree enjoyed some delicious sabudana khichdi. The best part about it was the fact that the actress even shared its recipe for her online family. Bhagyashree posted a photo of herself on Instagram holding a bowl of the vrat-friendly food. She captioned the post, “Because I fast on Tuesday”, and added the hashtags “recipe” and “sabudana”.

Bhagyashree shared the recipe on her YouTube channel. Here’s how she made the dish:


1) Soaked (overnight) sabudana

2) Green chilli

3) Coriander leaves

4) Boiled potatoes

5) Peanuts


Bhagyashree first takes a kadhai and pours some ghee in it.

Once it’s hot, she adds jeera, followed by a pinch of hing. ‘

Then she adds a few curry leaves and chopped green chillies into it.

After a while, she takes a bowl of chopped potatoes and adds them into kadhai.

She then mixes it well and adds some crushed peanuts.

Finally, she adds the salt and sabudana, and then garnishes the dish with fresh coriander leaves.

Watch Bhagyashree’s recipe video here:

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Bhagyashree’s gastronomic adventures are very interesting and keep us hooked.

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