Home HEALTH & FITNESS Bill Gates Waits In Queue For Burgers, Internet Impressed

Bill Gates Waits In Queue For Burgers, Internet Impressed

Bill Gates Waits In Queue For Burgers, Internet Impressed


Eating at a fast-food chain is undoubtedly a wholesome experience but what adds to the excitement of relishing scrumptious burgers and fries is waiting for your order in the queue. We wait for the moment to eat the crispy chicken nuggets as others enjoy their treats. The aroma of the chicken patty and milkshakes tests our patience as the mouth starts to water. Recently, a photo has surfaced on the Internet which shows some people waiting in a line at a fast food joint. What’s special here? One of the people in the queue is none other than Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates.

Uploaded on Twitter, the photo shows Bill Gates standing patiently in the line for his order. “Bill Gates at Dick’s Burgers, Seattle, Washington waiting in line to place his order. When you’re worth $82.4 billion, casually dressed, you don’t need ‘swag’ to prove you’re ridiculously rich. He runs the largest charity in the world, & still stands in line like the rest of us, for burgers, fries & Coke…that’s how real winners behave,” the text attached to the photo read.

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The post gained traction and prompted many to praise the billionaire for his humility.

“Broke is loud, rich is quiet,” a user wrote.

“That’s just someone who doesn’t care what people say or what people think about him…other people are too worried about getting clowned or what people might say,” a comment read.

A person shared, “I used to work at a gas station in Bellevue, WA. He would come in in a Ford Taurus with tinted windows and pump his own gas”.

Another user said, “I thought the whole point of being wealthy was not having to wait in line for food?”

“This is the attitude I will have once I’m rich I will forever remain humble,” a comment read.

The photo of Bill Gates had first gone viral in 2019.


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