Biryani With Pasta? This Latest Bizarre Food Combo Is Making The Internet Cringe


If there is one dish that chicken lovers swear by, it has to be biryani. You must have come across the common debate: ‘Is vegetarian biryani even a biryani?’ Well, someone has dared to experiment with our beloved biryani. A street vendor came up with a bizarre food combo called ‘Pasta Biryani.’ Shocked? Wait till you see the ingredients he added to prepare the dish. The combo came to light after a food vlogger shared it on his Instagram page. Even the vlogger was surprised by this dish. There are high chances that you will not want to try the dish after learning the procedure. The now-viral clip opens with a man stating that he will be preparing pasta and biryani together.
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Firstly, he pan-fried vegetables, including onions, capsicum, carrots, peas, cottage cheese, and sweet corn. Then, he added a few spices – garam masala and kasuri methi – on top of them. Once they were ready, he added boiled rice and fresh cream to the mixture. As a step to add colour, the man added the gravy from a separately prepared chole dish with palak. He then added the highlight of the dish – pasta. After thoroughly mixing everything, the man served the dish by grating paneer on top. Despite the video going viral, the internet is not pleased with this latest bizarre food combination. You can watch the full video here:

People were quick to react to this bizarre food combination and left a tons of comments. A user commented “Are bhai pasta biryani main bhindi aloo palak bhi dal do and then call it pasta bhindi aloo palak biryani (Hey, why not add okra, potato, and spinach to pasta biryani and call it pasta okra spinach biryani.)”
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Another person claimed, “It was all good until he started adding cream and pasta. Uske baad na Italian ko baksha na desi ko (After that, he neither pleased Italians nor Indians.)” A few people said, “Pasta biryani? Italians bahut royenge (Italians will cry a lot.)” 

What are your thoughts on this combo? Would you like to try it? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. 

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