Bread Medu Vada: Make Delicious Medu Vadas In 30 Minutes For A Wholesome Meal


If we were to list our all-time favourite dishes from south Indian cuisine, then medu vadas would surely top the list. The crispy, deep-fried, doughnut-like vadas make a perfect recipe to have at any time. Whether you pair it with different chutneys or sambar, or even both- this humble vada is indeed the true definition of comfort food! Usually, to make these vadas, urad dal is soaked for hours, and then the batter is mixed with spices to fry it. However, if you are short on time and want to whip up yummy medu vadas quickly, then here we bring you a recipe of bread medu vada! As the name suggests, these vadas are quickly made with bread and are prepared in no time. And trust us, the bread medu vada has a similar taste to the regular vadas, so you would hardly notice any difference in flavour!

In this recipe of bread medu vada, you would require everyday home ingredients like bread, potato suji, yoghurt, rice flours and spices to add flavour. Once the batter is ready, all you need to do is simply fry these vadas till crisp. With just 30 minutes in your hands, you can quickly make yummy vadas for a wholesome meal. Once they are ready, pair it with sambhar or any chutney of your liking and enjoy! Read the recipe below:


How To Make Bread Medu Vada | Easy Bread Medu Vada Recipe

To make this dish, first, take a bowl and add mashed potato, chopped pieces of bread, suji, rice flour, yoghurt, jeera, ginger paste, red chilli powder, salt and pepper as per taste. Combine all these well and form a dough-like consistency. Now, take small roundels of this dough and give it the shape of vada. Next, deep fry these vadas till crisp and golden. Once done, take it out and serve to enjoy!

For the full recipe of bread medu vada, click here.

Make these yummy vadas in no time, and let us know how you like the taste of it.

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