Burger King Employee Gets Rs 3.3 Crore In Donations After Working For 27 Years


When it comes to a worthy cause, the internet never ceases to rally some support. There are thousands of crowdfunded petitions doing the rounds online for multiple reasons – and one such page has caught our attention. US-based Kevin Ford was in the news last year as he worked 27 years for fast food giant Burger King. A video had gone viral on social media featuring Ford and the measly goodie bag he got from his employer to mark the milestone. However, the internet rallied in his support and raised money for him. And now, news reports suggest that a whopping $422,000 or Rs 3.3 crores have been raised in his campaign as of the time of writing.
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In the viral video shared in June 2022, we could see that Burger King employee Kevin Ford had been gifted a goodie bag that had some chocolates, some mints, a sipper from Starbucks and a movie ticket. This was on the occasion of his 27th work anniversary at Burger King. (Click here to read the original story) Many users pointed out that he deserved much more for working continuously without taking a day off. Thus, a page was set up by his daughter Seryna Ford on the popular website GoFundMe to raise funds for the hardworking employee.
“He has worked at his job for 27 years and yes, he has never missed a day of work. He originally began working at this job as a single father when he gained custody of me and my older sister 27 years ago. Then as our family grew and he remarried, he continued to work there because of the amazing health insurance that was provided through this employer because it was unionized. This got all four of his daughters through high school and college with full healthcare coverage,” wrote Seryna Ford in a page on the popular website GoFundMe.
She further stated that he is still working at Burger King and is soon going to retire. “He is coming up on retirement age and leaving would cost him his retirement. In no way are we asking for money, nor is he expecting any money, but if anyone feels like blessing him he would love to visit his grandchildren,” she concluded.
The petition for Burger King employee Kevin Ford received an outpouring of support online. “Mr Ford deserves way more than a bag of plastic stuff for 27 years of uninterrupted service,” said a user. Another added, “Enjoy your much-deserved retirement. You have given so much to everyone else; it’s time that you receive something for yourself!”

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