Bye Bye Fatigue! Expert Recommends Drink Recipes To De-Stress


Fatigue could be due to various reasons – it could be age, underlying health issue,s or simply workload that leaves us tired and all drained out by the end of the day. What do you do then? Let’s agree, most of us don’t pay much attention to it and believe in just rest to get re-energised. That’s it! We basically tend to ignore this feeling of tiredness most of the time, but as per experts, it should not be left untreated. In fact, anything uncommon you are going through in the body shouldn’t be left unattended. Besides consulting an expert, it is important to take care of your diet too. Having a nutrient-rich, healthy diet might help amp up energy levels in your body.
We recently came across some expert-recommended drink options that are known to bid adieu to your fatigue, especially adrenal fatigue. These de-stressing drink recipes are shared by nutritionist Shikha Gupta on her Instagram handle.
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What Is Adrenal Fatigue? Expert Explains:

Adrenal Fatigue is a term used to explain the tiredness one feels due to long-term exposure to stressful situations. That is when our adrenal glands get overworked and as a result, stop producing hormones, including cortisol, which is known to help our body respond to stress, explains nutritionist Shikha Gupta. This leads to symptoms like exhaustion, fatigue, low energy, and more.
Shikha Gupta further states, that the lost minerals in adrenal fatigue are sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The aim is to replenish the lost minerals and improve adrenal functions. She shares two ‘adrenal cocktail’ variations that are loaded with minerals and nutrients and can help produce hormones to cope with stress and fatigue. Let’s check out.

Drinks To De-Stress: 2 Expert-Recommended Drinks To Beat Fatigue:

1. Banana-Spinach Cocktail For Energy:

To make this drink, you need coconut water, banana, spinach (or kale), and sea salt (or pink salt). You need to just blend everything together and drink up. Each of these ingredients is fortified with nutrients that are known to boost overall health. You can also add some honey or pitted dates and cream of tartar to enhance the flavour profile of the drink.

2. Lemon-Honey-Pink Salt Cocktail:

This tangy drink will load you up with various antioxidants, vitamin C, and minerals to boost energy and overall health. All you need to do is, take filtered water, honey, sea salt (or pink salt), lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper in a glass, mix everything together, and take a sip.
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Try these energizing drinks at home and de-stress yourself. But always remember, moderation is the key!

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