Home HEALTH & FITNESS Cameron Diaz Gets Trolled For Her Fridge With Only Salad And Wine In It

Cameron Diaz Gets Trolled For Her Fridge With Only Salad And Wine In It

Cameron Diaz Gets Trolled For Her Fridge With Only Salad And Wine In It


Celebrity diets and homes are a source of curiosity on the internet. We often wonder what their homes look like, the kind of furniture or decor they use and what they cook in their kitchens. Recently, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz offered fans a glimpse into her kitchen and fridge. In the video, Diaz was talking about a new collaboration with a healthy food brand by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. However, fans trolled Diaz for the contents of her fridge – which was filled with just boxes of salad and wine.
“I’m so excited to team up with Goop Kitchen to release my favourite summer salad, which pairs *perfectly* with our new Avaline Sauvignon Blanc,” wrote Cameron Diaz in the caption of the post. In the video, she lets us into her fridge that had rows and rows of her favourite summer salad stored in plastic boxes. Meanwhile, in another row, there were just bottles of the new white wine that Diaz has launched. Take a look:
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Internet users could not help but react to the fridge and how it just had salad and wine in it. Some users could relate to the video and said that their fridge looked the same on most days. “That is my kind of fridge,” wrote one user while another said, “Ideally this is how my fridge would look!”
Some others praised the healthy summer salad recipe by Cameron Diaz but criticised the amount of plastic being used to package these. “Why does it have to come housed in plastic? Seems to me you’ve only thought about profit rather than planet,” commented one user. “Tastes probably good…BUT: all this plastic?!? Seriously,” added another one. Several others said that they would rather purchase locally than pay celebrities who were endorsing products. “I buy local organic wine to support small businesses. Celebrities don’t need side hustles,” commented another user.
What did you think about Cameron Diaz’s new summer salad video? Do you think she could have used less plastic? Tell us in the comments.


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