Cancerous Tumor Removed From Man’s Kidney With Robotic Surgery In Noida


Cancerous Tumor Removed From Man's Kidney With Robotic Surgery In Noida

The patient was experiencing abdominal pain

New Delhi: A 60-year-old man got a new lease of life after a cancerous mass was removed from his kidney through a robot-aided surgery at a hospital in Noida, doctors said on Wednesday.
In a statement, the private hospital claimed that was the first robotic-aided surgery conducted in Noida.

The patient was experiencing abdominal pain. Medical tests revealed that the mass was located in the renal hilum — the medial part of the kidney where all the blood vessels and the urinary tract are located, Fortis Noida said in the statement.

A team of doctors led by Dr Dushyant Nadar, the hospital’s director of urology and renal transplant, conducted the procedure in four hours.

“The location of the cancerous mass in the patient’s kidney was such that it made regular laparoscopic surgery extremely difficult. Advanced robotic-assisted technology was used since a doctor’s hands could not reach the area,” Dr Nadar said.

Also, robot-assisted surgeries provide a “ten-fold magnification” of the surgery site, making it easier for the doctors to view the area, he said.

“The procedure was smooth and the patient is doing completely fine. If the cancerous mass were not removed in time, it would have damaged the entire kidney which might have led to the removal of the entire organ,” he said.

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