Celebrity Chef Gurpareet Bains Who Created The “Worlds Healthiest Meal” Dies, Leaves A Legacy Of Superfood Recipes


From whipping up the “world’s healthiest meal” to writing the breakthrough recipe book, Indian Superfood, Gurpareet Bains had built a reputation that only a few chefs could surpass. The celebrity British Indian chef called himself a “food disrupter” while turning superfoods into pathbreaking meals for everyone. Gurpareet, who was also the co-founder of Vedge Snacks, passed away last week at the age of 43, according to a PTI report. The chef, who lived in Enfield, London, died after suffering from a heart attack last Thursday. His marketing agency, Palamedes PR, announced the news on Friday on Twitter.

The tweet by Palamedes PR read, “We’re absolutely devastated about the tragic passing of Gurpareet Bains”, and went on to add that Bains “was a close friend and long-standing client”.

Gurpareet Bains’ family has publicly expressed their grief. According to a Daily Mail report, they stated, “He meant so much to so many. We are heartbroken at his passing, and words cannot express how much he will be missed. He will remain forever in our hearts.”

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With his recipes, Gurpareet Bains took the global fad about superfoods to a level of conscious implementation. He first came to be internationally recognised in 2009 when he claimed to have created the “world’s healthiest meal”. According to his website, the meal included simple chicken curry, goji berry pilau, and blueberries. The dish was as rich in antioxidants as 23 bunches of grapes.

The very next year, he released his debut recipe book, Indian Superfood, which turned into a No. 1 bestseller. In 2012, Gurpareet Bains unveiled his second recipe book, Indian Superspices. Two years down the line, he published his third recipe book, The Superfood Diet.

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While his books popularised his culinary concepts about Indian spices and superfoods among the masses, he started being noticed by fellow chefs only after 2011. That year, he became the Chef of the Year at the inaugural English Curry Awards. Next year, he received more accolades. The Experimental Food Society formally recognised his Insomnia-No-More Curry recipe as a British icon. The Huffington Post mentioned Indian Superspices on their list of top 50 cookbooks of the year.

Gurpareet Bains had mastered the art of making food antioxidant-rich with vegetables, fruits, low-fat proteins, nuts, and spices. During the 2020 lockdown, he created what he dubbed the “world’s healthiest cookie” that contained fruits and vegetables. His most remarkable dishes include hangover busting cocktail, cold-and-flu-busting curry, insomnia-no-more curry, “world’s healthiest Christmas dinner” and “world’s healthiest fish and chips”.

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