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Chef Saransh Goila Teaches Us How To Make Green Garlic Eggs

Chef Saransh Goila Teaches Us How To Make Green Garlic Eggs


Are you bored of having eggs the same old way? Then you won’t mind trying something new. Egg lovers can barely resist the temptation of a sunny-side-up egg platter or a cheese omelette. But these recipes can also get boring over time. So what do you do? Do not fret over new egg recipes because chef Saransh Goila has brought for us a delicious makeover of egg dishes. What you’ll love most about this recipe is that it is easy, quick and simple. And, it may, as well, be the tastiest egg recipe you’ve ever indulged in. It is versatile and can fit both as a meal and snack. Now, if you are wondering what inspired the making of green garlic eggs, chef Goila revealed that this recipe was his rendition of the Turkish eggs with a garlic twist. Wondering what that would taste like? Wait no more and dive into the recipe.

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Here’s what you will need to cook this dish:

Green garlic – 4 cloves

Hung curd – 1/2 cup

Eggs – 2



Green garlic stalk – 2 tbsp

Green chilli – 1

Coriander – 1tbsp

Olive oil – 2 tbsp


Jeera powder

How to make green garlic eggs?

Chef Saaransh Goila’s recipe is unique and simple at the same time. First, take fresh green garlic and finely chop them. Mix the chopped garlic into a bowl of hung curd. Mix it with salt and pepper until the mixture turns smooth. Keep it aside. Now, finely chop the green garlic stalks and sauté them with coriander and green chilli in olive oil. Saute it for only two minutes. Then, keep this sauce aside. Fry two eggs so that they are golden and crisp on the outside while still gooey inside. On a plate, spread the curd mixture as the base. Then, add the fried eggs on top. Drizzle this with the green garlic stalk sauce. If this wasn’t enough to make you drool, garnish the dish with paprika and a pinch of jeera powder.

Here is the recipe video:

Garlic, when consumed in small quantities, can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. So add them to your recipe and have a healthy and delicious dish.


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