“Chidiya Ka Ghosla” – Internet Reacts To Viral Video Of Caramel Silk


Food presentation is crucial to marketing dishes more effectively to the public. Creative plating techniques can stimulate appetites before the first bite. Compared to savoury indulgences, there is more room for creativity when it comes to plating desserts. From chocolate work to crispy tulles, desserts can be taken to the next level using a number of fancy techniques. But, there is nothing more delicious than ooey-gooey melted caramel, especially when it is paired with chocolate. The melted caramel can be used to make beautiful, sculpted designs which make your dessert stand out. A recent video showing one such creation has gone viral and sparked a range of funny reactions. 
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The video, shared on the Instagram page @food_and_chefs, has showcased how a caramel silk decoration is prepared using two steel glasses. In the clip, a chef is seen creating a bridge between two glasses using melted caramel. He takes a spoonful of caramel and continues to spread it between the two glasses. Moments later, we can see a small caramel bridge formed between them. The chef delicately picks up the caramel creation and shapes it into a circular form and then places it on top of the ice cream dessert. Watch the full video here:

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The reel has clocked over 7.4 million views so far. People joked how, after adding the caramel creation, the price of the ice cream would skyrocket. One of the users wrote, “Le bhai ban gaya 50 to 500.”  Another said, “The man who ordered be like I will be waiting.” A third wrote, “Bro thought he was spider man.” Some users were quite impressed by the person’s skills and called it “amazing.” But many also compared the final result to a bird’s nest. Check out some of the reactions below. 

“Ande ka ghosla lag raha hai.”
“Ye ghosle mein anda kis bird ka hai?”
“Mama look! I found a nest.”
“Me who thought from the thumbnail that it’s a birdie’s nest.”
“Chidiya ka ghosla jisme anda rakha hai.”
“Ghosle mein anda.”

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