Chupchap Kha: Video Of Mother Convincing Son To Eat Pakoras Goes Viral


Eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle often involves fighting the urge to indulge in delicious junk food. From pizza, fries and burgers to momos, pakoras and fizzy drinks, most of us have to reluctantly give up every other food that can hinder our progress in the fitness journey. Other than fast food, sometimes we have to also refuse to eat homemade food, which is comforting but has some extra calories too. If you are one of those fitness enthusiasts, then it is likely that you might have annoyed your mother with your eating preferences. Now, a hilarious video has gone viral that shows a similar scenario where a boy refuses to have pakoras prepared by his mother citing health reasons but has to eventually eat them.

In the clip, shared on Instagram, the mother is in the kitchen making pakoras when her son enters and says, “Yaar, mummy, maine abhi apko bola hai main exercise karne jane laga hun. Aap fir achcha-achcha banane lag gae (Mummy, I have started going to the gym. You have again started cooking good food).”

Responding instantly, the mother insists that she always cooks good food. She then asks her son that who has told him to refrain from eating pakoras. “Jab hamari age me aoge na to tumse kahaya nahi jaega, abhi tumne khane nahi hain (When you will be of my age, you won’t be able to eat and now, you don’t want to eat),” she adds.

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In a bid to convince her son, the mother then tells him to leave the pakoras and instead pass the plate to his father. Listening to this, the son immediately agrees to relish the pakoras while asking for some mayonnaise with them. “Mayonnaise ke saath nahi khana hai, dhaniya-pudina ki chutney ke saath khana hai (You will not eat with mayonnaise. Eat it with coriander-mint chutney),” she reacts.

The mother asks, “Mayonnaise teri girlfriend lagti hai (Is mayonnaise your girlfriend)?”

The rib-tickling exchange between the mother and the son soon gained traction and collected more than six lakh views on the platform. The video resonated with many users. “Humare ghar par bhi aisa hi hota hai (we witness the same at our home too),” a user wrote. 

Another said, “Maa ka unconditional love”.

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