Craving Chinese? You Can Have This Healthy Chilli Paneer Even On Weight Loss Diet


Chinese craving is a thing, and its’ real. We get the urge to eat Chinese food more often than we’d like to admit. If you ask us, we can have it every other day. Noodles, chilli chicken and chilli paneer – all these dishes have our hearts. And it’s hard to suppress the craving when we are on a healthy or weight-loss diet. But not anymore. We have brought to you a dish that fulfils your appetite while helping you shed extra kilos! This is a recipe for healthy and weight-loss-friendly chilli paneer.   

Is paneer good for weight loss? 

Paneer is one of the best foods to have on a weight loss diet. It is rich in protein, which helps induce satiety and prevents binge eating. It is a low-carb food, which again helps with burning excessive calories. Now you must be wondering how this dish is healthy since we usually consider Chinese food unhealthy. This brings us to the next question: 

Is Chinese food healthy or unhealthy? 

It depends on how you make a particular dish. If you add too many sugar-laden and preservative-filled sauces, it will take your dish towards the unhealthy side. On the other hand, if you use them sparingly, they can work like any other healthy food, which is perfect for weight loss. 

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Healthy Chilli Paneer Recipe I How To Make Chinese Food For Weight Loss: 

This healthy paneer dish is so simple that you can make it any time, in minutes. Its recipe was shared by Dietitian Gagan Sidhu on her Instagram page.  

To make chilli paneer, first roast paneer pieces with a dash of ghee. Keep them aside. Then saute onion and capsicum petals in little ghee with garlic and ginger. Add just half a tsp of soy sauce and tomato ketchup, salt and black pepper. Mix well and cook till onions and capsicum soften. Add paneer and mix well before serving. You can add other seasonings of your choice.  

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Next time, don’t kill your craving for delicious Chinese food. Make this tasty chilli paneer and enjoy it guilt-free.  

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