Dessert Etiquette: Are You Enjoying Your Sweets Correctly? Find Out


Food enthusiasts from all corners of the globe believe that a hint of sugar can have a significant impact, which is why every delightful gastronomical adventure culminates on a sweet note – pun intended. However, are you aware that when it comes to desserts, a set of etiquettes exists to be followed? We’re not alluding to the standard table manners. Today, our objective is to grasp the appropriate method of savouring a sweet dish. Interestingly, the manner in which you relish your dessert depends on its texture. Recently, Manik Kaur, a personality development coach, shared a video on Instagram demonstrating the correct way to indulge in dessert. According to her, it’s imperative to use a fork to secure the dish and then employ a spoon to take a bite.
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She further emphasized that this advice applies equally well when enjoying brownies and tarts. The caption accompanying the video stated, “Dessert etiquette: How to indulge in dessert the right way. The primary rationale behind using both a fork and a spoon when indulging in dessert is to prevent it from shifting around, ensuring it remains firmly in place for easy, efficient enjoyment. This principle holds particularly true for desserts such as cheesecakes, brownies, and tarts, which can be prone to shifting while attempting to scoop them with a spoon.” Take a look at her post below:

Here Are Some Other Dessert-Eating Tips That Will Come In Handy:

1. Dessertspoon

Desi people prefer to eat with their hands. However, when something as gooey as pudding is served, we opt for a spoon. Did you know that our cutlery collection also features an item known as a dessert spoon? While it bears a resemblance to a tablespoon, the dessert spoon is smaller in size.

2. Cupcakes

The moment we lay our eyes on muffins and cupcakes, we tend to devour them immediately after removing their liners. However, in reality, it’s recommended to cut them into small pieces before consuming. Using a dessert knife to divide them is advisable, and then you should use a fork to lift each slice.
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3. Fruits

You should consume fruits using a fork. This is because attempting to pick up juicy fruits with a spoon can lead to them slipping. Moreover, using a spoon to gather them can create a significant amount of noise on the dining table.

4. Cookies

Soft, crumbly cookies are meant to be enjoyed with your fingers. While small cookies can be eaten in one bite, the larger ones should be broken into smaller pieces.

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