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Divyanka Tripathis Pre-Birthday Cake Was A Filmy Affair; Take A Look

Divyanka Tripathis Pre-Birthday Cake Was A Filmy Affair; Take A Look


Actress Divyanka Tripathi turns another year older on December 14. However, a couple of days before her birthday, she received a pre-birthday cake and shared its video on Instagram Stories. The incredibly drool-worthy and customised chocolate cake was designed to look like a classic film reel that had been rolled up, and had, what looked like, edible prints or pull-up versions of Divyanka from her TV shows and appearances. A great way to recreate memories, we must say. From a label kept next to the cake, we could make out it was gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free.

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It also had a clapperboard on top. However, instead of designating and marking the various scenes, or takes, it had the following information written on it: “Scene: Birthday, Actor: Divyanka, Date: 14th December”.

Take a look at the cake here:


About a month ago, Divyanka Tripathi celebrated her husband actor Vivek Dahiya’s birthday in Dubai with a delicious melting chocolate bomb. Divyanka had shared a few videos on Instagram Stories, where we could see a person pouring molten chocolate over a hard chocolate sphere. As the chocolate sphere started melting, we could see a vanilla ice cream inside. Vivek called it “death by chocolate”. Apart from this, the couple had more chocolaty treats. To know about those, click here.

During the same trip, Divyanka Tripathi also relished some delicious Turkish desserts. In one of the posts, we saw a Turkish cake with a lot of milk drizzled on it. Divyanka also gave us a glimpse of Baklava ice cream. If this has already got you drooling, take a look at Divyanka’s other food adventures from Dubai here.

Though Divyanka Tripathi follows a strict health and fitness regime, she doesn’t let that come in the way of her sweet and pastry cravings. So, how does she strike a balance? Divyanka devours sweets and desserts that are gluten-free and sugar-free. A few days ago, she was seen devouring a box of doughnuts, glazed and topped with chocolate. She added the hashtags “gluten-free” and “sugar-free” to go with her post. Click here to find out what Divyanka’s box of doughnuts looked like.

Divyanka Tripathi’s food updates on Instagram are a feast for our eyes. We can’t wait to see what she has on her plate next.


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