DNA Exclusive: Analysis Of ‘Toshakhana Gifts’ Theft Case Against Imran Khan


New Delhi: The Zaman Park area of Pakistan’s Lahore has turned into a battleground after defiant supporters of PTI chief Imran Khan engaged in a battle with policemen to prevent them from arresting their leader in the Toshakhana case, resulting in injuries on both sides. Television footage showed police shelling the protesters, baton charging and firing tear gas at them. The law enforcement agencies had to retreat from Khan’s Lahore residence after a High Court order stopped the ongoing police operation till 10 AM on Thursday.

The former Pakistan PM Khan is accused of paying for just part of the goods he took home from the ‘Toshkhana,’ but most items that he took from the government treasure-house were done so without paying for them. Imran Khan reportedly made millions of rupees from the jewel-class watches that foreign dignitaries gave him. 

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan analysed the Toshakhana gifts theft by Imran Khan and other former Pakistan Prime Ministers.

Court summons have been issued to Khan several times but he did not appear before the court and in this case, the court ordered him to be arrested and presented before the court.

The president or prime minister can keep gifts that are less than Rs 30,000 for themselves. More costly gifts, however, are required by law to be kept in the Toshakhana. Pakistan’s two premiers can also keep the pricey presents from Toshakhana by paying a set proportion of their worth as determined by the government.

However, As per the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the former premier made “false statements and erroneous declarations” about the presents on October 21, 2022. ECP barred him from holding public office for five years.

According to ECP estimates, Khan earned PKR 104.78 million from the presents he kept and sold.

Watch tonight’s DNA for detailed analysis:

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