Dream Job? Heres Your Chance To Get Hired As A Professional Cheese Taster


When it comes to cheese, we are all die-hard fans and our love knows no limits. Whenever a dish calls for using cheese, we don’t count the calories and simply add it in abundance. From cheese-laden pizzas to cheese-burst burgers, doesn’t everything taste better with a little extra cheese? If you are as big of a cheese-lover as we are, we have found a job opening that seems too good to be true. The University of Wisconsin is hiring a professional cheese taster and it definitely seems to be the ideal job for foodies!
The job opening was shared on the official website of the University and it soon went viral garnering a flurry of internet reactions.
The job title for the cheese-tasting profile is ‘descriptive sensory panellist’ for the Centre for Dairy Research. As per the job description, they are looking for individuals passionate about all types of foods, especially cheese, pizza and dairy products. Up to 24 cheese samples and 12 pizzas would be required to be tried in a week along with other food products by the cheese taster. “Once hired, we will train you to become part of a group of expert tasters capable of verbally describing their sensory experience on the basis of appearance, texture, taste and aroma attributes for research and product development purposes,” reads the job description on the official website.
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The job requires you to taste pizza, cheese and more dairy products. Photo Credit: Pixabay

In the qualifications column, the website states, “Previous sensory panellist experience preferred.” If you thought that cheese tasting was enough to make you sign up, there’s more – you will get paid a salary of $15 or Rs. 1,236 approximately per hour of work. Dream job? We think so!
This is not the only interesting and unique job offer we have heard of. In January, a unique opening asked people to sign up for a strange opportunity – just eating cheese and going to sleep. They wanted to study the effects of the dairy product on sleep patterns. Click here to read more about it.

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