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Duo Makes Ramen Noodles In Pickup Truck, Offers It To Homeless. Internet Says “Staged”

Duo Makes Ramen Noodles In Pickup Truck, Offers It To Homeless. Internet Says “Staged”


Getting fresh and enough food to satiate your hunger every day is something we should be grateful for. There are many around this world who struggle to make ends meet and fail to manage even two meals a day. Feeding the homeless is a good deed that must be encouraged and we often come across videos where people display the sweet gesture. Recently, one such video surfaced on the Internet where two persons prepare ramen noodles in the back of a truck and offer it to needy people. The act caught the attention of many but for all the wrong reasons as people suspected that it was scripted.

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In the clip, uploaded on Twitter, a man and a woman first cover the cargo bed of a pickup truck with a sheet before filling it with water and tossing in loads of raw chicken ramen noodles. They then add some vegetables, seasoning, butter, parsley flakes, and minced onion to the ramen. Following this, the woman slips her legs into two plastic bags and jumps inside the truck to mix the noodles.

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The duo then sets off to find someone to feed the noodles and spots a homeless person lying on the roadside. They ask him if he was hungry before offering the ramen. The person first appears puzzled about where the noodles were but then scoops out the noodles from the back of the truck using a bowl. Towards the end, the two also offer the person some money.

“What an extremely lame thing to stage,” the caption read.

 The video collected more than four million views on the platform and drew many reactions.

“Horrible acting, and too much parsley,” a comment read.

“I was done when I saw her standing in it nah I’m good,” a person wrote.

Some pointed out that the preparation of the noodles was quite unhygienic.

“This lady put bags over her feet, stepped on the ground then walked in the truck ramen making it even worse than it already was,” a user wrote.

“She put the trash bags over her legs and stepped on the ground and then in the food???” a comment read.

Another person said, “Imagine going to such lengths to make everyone think you’re a good person”.

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So, do you think it was staged?

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