Easy Summer Drink: Give Nimbu Pani A Zesty Makeover With This Honey-Ginger Lemonade Recipe


We are all set to welcome the summers. Think summer and the first things that come to mind are chilled, soul soothing beverages. We love chugging glasses of chaas, fresh juices and other chilled drinks to beat the extreme heat. Besides heat, sweat and irritation, the season brings along an extensive range of delicious coolers that not only cool us down but also help keep up body’s water balance and prevent dehydration. One of the most common summer coolers is lemonade (or nimbu paani). It is simple, comforting and can be prepared with just a lemon. The rich vitamin C-content in lemon helps flush out the toxins and hydrate us from within. It also helps regulate metabolism and keep various seasonal digestive-troubles at bay.

Adding some extra zing to the regular lemonade, we bring a drink that includes the goodness of honey and ginger in it. This honey-ginger lemonade also includes a pinch of black salt that helps strike the right balance of flavours on your palate. And due to the inclusion of honey (not sugar), this drink also makes a great option for the ones who are looking to lose some weight and cutting down on excess calorie intake. Besides, ginger in the drink makes it a great post-lunch drink to rev up digestion and prevent acidity. The gingerol compound (in ginger) is known for its pool of health benefits, which is why, this honey-ginger lemonade can also be considered a great drink to keep prevent several seasonal diseases, strengthen immunity and nourish you from within.

Summer Special: How To Make Quick And Easy Honey-Ginger Lemonade:

For this super quick refreshing drink, we need some lemon juice, ginger juice, honey, black salt, club soda and fresh mints. To make the ginger juice, all you need to do is grate the ginger, squeeze and extract the juice.

All you all need to do is, mix everything together and drink up! You may replace club soda with ice cubes and normal water, if you do not want fizz in your drink.

Here’s the step-by-step recipe of honey-ginger lemonade.

This summer, load up on honey-ginger lemonade and refresh yourself in a jiffy.

If you have any such easy summer drink recipe, share it with us in the comments section below.

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