Embracing The Spirit Of Pink October: Shangri-La Eros Hotel Stands Strong For Breast Cancer Awareness


Shangri-La Eros New Delhi is standing tall, showing unwavering support for Pink October, a month dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer. In the spirit of community engagement and social responsibility, the hotel has meticulously crafted a month-long series of initiatives to encourage active participation from both its associates and patrons. This noble endeavour aims to illuminate the path towards breast cancer prevention and early detection.

As a symbol of their dedication to this vital cause, associates at the hotel proudly don pink badges, symbolising their collective commitment to raising awareness for breast cancer.

One of the highlights of this initiative was the charity dinner hosted at Sorrento on October 13. This special evening featured an exquisite menu curated by the renowned Executive Chef Gagandeep Sawhney. Joining forces with esteemed guest chefs, including Chef Dhiraj Dargan of Comorin, Chef Vanshika Bhatia from OMO Soul Food Community, Chef Susanna Di Cosimo of Pizzeria da Susy, Chef Vivek Chauhan from Le Meridien, and the hotel’s Thai Chef Nisa Yimthong, the dinner was a culinary extravaganza that truly captured the essence of this remarkable cause.

The hotel’s food and beverage offerings have undergone a transformative journey this month, each dish embracing a special purpose. At Grappa, the epitome of mixology, guests are invited on a sensorial journey with alluring pink cocktails and mocktails. Among them, the ‘Blush Negroni’ cocktail and the invigorating ‘Spirit of October’ mocktail promise an exquisite experience while contributing to the Pink October cause.

Mister Chai extends a warm invitation to embark on a gastronomic odyssey with its Pink Afternoon High Tea, a symphony of gourmet indulgence. From heavenly Raspberry macaroons to the velvety Wild Berry Panna Cotta, each offering encapsulates the essence of this remarkable month. The Pink Afternoon Tea, a true feast for the senses, is priced at INR 2200 plus taxes for two persons and is available until the end of October 2023.

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