Enhance The Taste Of Your Favourite Meals With These 7 Tips


There is no doubt that Indian food is full of flavours! We definitely don’t shy away from adding spices and herbs to our meals. However, there are certain dishes where we are not able to bring out that exact zinginess that the recipe requires. You might get that yummy taste in dhabas or restaurants, but making the same at home becomes challenging. So, how to enhance the flavours of your food? Well, it just takes a few tips and tricks. Here we bring you some tips with which you can make your dishes even tastier.

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1. Pan Searing Technique

Whenever you are cooking any meat or seafood, you can sear it on a pan with lots of butter and herbs. This allows the butter to mix with meat properly, and the flavour of the garlic and herbs with butter adds an extra kick to the meal.

2. Caramelised Onions

Caramelise sliced onions in a small amount of oil over low heat to bring out their natural sweet flavour. Make a thick, black sauce with them to serve with meat or poultry. You can even add the caramelised onions while cooking any sabzi. This adds richness to the dish.


3. Add Lemon Later

Lemon has a refreshing punch of acidity that can improve or balance any dish’s flavour. If you mix a squeeze of lemon in at the beginning, it will get lost in the cooking process. So, when your dish is cooked, add some lemon at the end!


4. Marinade

Marination is an important thing when you are about to pan fry something or grill it, especially meats. Marination gives a much-needed depth to the dish and makes it more flavourful. You can make different types of marination as per the requirement of the dish.

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5. Don’t Shy Away From Butter

Yes, we know that too much butter can be harmful, but sometimes, you can add it to your meals and make them more delicious. When you start cooking, make sure to add one tablespoon of butter and garlic together!


6. Give It A Smoky Flavour

Mostly the smoky flavour comes from the tandoor. However, we all don’t have that at home. But, if you still want to give your meal a smoky twist, then after cooking, heat a piece of charcoal, keep it in a katori, and drop some ghee on it. Then quickly place it in the middle of your dish and let the flavours mix. There you will have a perfect smoky dish ready!

7. Roast The Vegetables

Roasting vegetables is a simple technique to add a lot of flavour to them, and it can turn even the most adamant vegetable hater into a full-fledged vegetable lover. Simply spray your vegetables with a mild oil before roasting and top with herbs for more flavour.

So, the next time you are cooking, keep these tips in mind and make your meals tastier!

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