Ever Heard Of Surats Flying Falooda? Watch The Making Of This Unique Dish


Be it the quantity of food they prepare in one serving or the antics they pull off to attract the crowd, Surat’s street vendors are lately making headlines. Days ago, a street food stall, renowned for cooking massive quantities of pav bhaji every single day, went viral on social media. Now, a falooda stall has grabbed the attention of social media users. What’s so unique about it, you ask? The assembling of the falooda. Food blogger Raj Patel shared a video of “Surat’s famous flying falooda” on Instagram and it’s a hit. While some users have expressed their resentment for the “cross-contamination”, many lauded the street vendor’s skill set and energy. 

The viral video opens with a street vendor preparing five glasses of falooda, all at once. One by one, he adds a scoop of all the ingredients (chia seeds and roohafza, among other things) in the cups — which he is holding in one hand. Just in case you are already impressed, hold on…the good part is yet to come. The stall owner pops out scoops of ice cream in the air, and ensures their perfect landing in the glasses of falooda. Each glass gets three scoops of ice cream — one mango, one pistachio and one black currant. 

Check out the full video here: 

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The video, which is from Hanumante Falooda shop in Chowk Bazaar, has so far clocked over 9 lakh views on social media. One of the Instagram users called it the “cleanest street food I’ve seen in India so far.” 

“I love his energy,” another user commented. 

A person wrote, “looks delicious.” 

Now let’s talk about the street food stall, from Surat, renowned for cooking massive quantities of pav bhaji every single day. Recently, the insanely level of preparation of this street food took the internet by storm. Just in case you are thinking that the quantity would have led to compromised quality, you have got it wrong. The taste of this pav bhaji is absolutely lip smacking delicious. Read the full story here.

After pav bhaji, check out the insane quantity of tea being prepared at a Surat-based stall. 

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