Fan Ordered 51 Coconuts On Swiggy, Hoping For Indias Triumph In The World Cup


Yesterday’s World Cup Final between India and Australia was undoubtedly a heartbreaker for fans. Inside and outside the stadium, millions rallied behind the men in blue. Unfortunately, victory slipped away as Australia claimed the trophy. Nevertheless, fans spared no effort in supporting their team. In a unique show of solidarity, one individual ordered 51 coconuts from Swiggy’s Instamart, the food delivery app’s quick grocery service. Swiggy shared this amusing anecdote on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating, “Someone from Thane just ordered 51 nariyals! If it’s for the finals, the World Cup is coming home for real.” Take a look:
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And the person who made this massive order confirmed that it was to pray for Team India’s victory. Reacting to Swiggy’s post, he wrote, “Haan bhai, yeh someone from Thane bhi mai hi hoon [I’m the someone from Thane], 51 nariyal [coconuts] for unreal manifestation,” along with a picture that showcased a steel utensil full of coconuts placed on a table right in front of the TV, which was playing the World Cup match.

After reading Swiggy’s post, people couldn’t resist responding to this unique manifestation. A user commented, “Arey kisne mangvaye the… aur bhejo kyuki itne kaam nahi kar rahe.. incense sticks bhi bhejo… kuch bhi karo par jitvaa do yaar [Who ordered these? Order more because they are not working… also order incense sticks… do anything but make them win.'”

Another user asked, “If you guys lose, So what will he gonna do with so much nariyals?”

“The prayers will come true,” read a comment.

Someone jested, “I’ve ordered, deliver that asap don’t waste time in tweeting.”
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“Give them a full refund,“ wrote an X user.

Would you ever order 51 coconuts to pray for something? Tell us in the comments section below.

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