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Foodies Are Loving This “Mouthwatering” Ramadan-Special Malai Chicken Cones

Foodies Are Loving This “Mouthwatering” Ramadan-Special Malai Chicken Cones


The holy month of Ramadan is finally here. Muslims, in every corner of the world, have begun fasting, which ends with a meal after sunset called iftari. From crispy fritters to refreshing fruit salad, the iftari menu is nothing less than a treat for every foodie. In the middle of this, deciding on the menu every day gets tough. Well, fret no. We have a drool-worthy recipe that will end up being your favourite this Ramadan. Presenting: “Malai Chicken Cones.” The video, demonstrating the making of the dish, was shared by an Instagram user – Annie.

The clip begins with Annie marinating sliced chicken breasts with salt, chilli flakes, black pepper, garlic powder, white pepper powder, kasuri methi, mayonnaise, cream and yoghurt. After mixing it all properly and leaving it for some time, she cooks the chicken in butter. You need to saute the chicken until all the water has evaporated. Once done, keep it aside to cool down. After it turns to room temperature, add shredded mozzarella cheese on top of it. Next, she makes cones out of two square spring roll sheets. To stick its corner, Annie can be seen using thick flour paste. Next, she adds filling to the cone and closes the opening using the same flour paste as glue. She repeats the process and deep fries the cones. Your crispy “Malai Chicken Cones” are ready. Serve it with your favourite dip.
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In no time the comments section was flooded with several users confessing that they can’t wait to try this. 

A person said, “I’m definitely trying this! It looks like the perfect add-on to my daughter’s lunch box. Question please, can we use one spring roll sheet per cone?”

“Looks incredibly delicious” was the sentiment online.

One user wrote, “It’s my first Ramadan alone, Thanks Api for this. Will definitely try.”

Echoing a similar thought, a user said,  “Mouthwatering.”

Will you try the recipe for Malai Chicken Cones this Ramadan? So far the video has been viewed more than 8 million times.


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