From Dal Moth To Masoor Dal Chaat: 5 Protein-Rich Dal Snacks For Your Evening Chai


Indian tea time snacks prominently feature crispy and greasy delights. Be it samosa, kachori, pakoda, or namkeen, they are the reason why we look forward to our chai session. Without them, it just feels like something is missing. But what about people who are trying to eat healthy or are on a weight-loss diet? Should they stop themselves from eating these snacks at all? Absolutely not! Instead, we make them healthier by opting for healthier ingredients. And don’t worry, there’s absolutely no compromise on flavour. Here, we present to you five protein-rich masoor dal snacks you can enjoy with your evening chai.
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Evening Snack Recipes: Here Are 5 Protein-Rich Masoor Dal Snacks You Must Try:

1. Masoor Dal Vada (Our Recommendation)

Vada is usually prepared with a batter of urad dal and rice flour. But this one is made using masoor dal (red lentil). It makes for a pleasant change from the regular ones. While the recipe calls for deep-frying, you can shallow-fry or air-fry them to make them healthier. Do not forget to pair it with coconut chutney to fully savour its taste. For the complete recipe for Masoor Dal Vada, click here.

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2. Dal Moth Namkeen

Dal moth is a popular tea-time snack in India. Instead of buying it from the market, make it at home using this easy recipe. Whole masoor dal is mixed with a pool of electrifying spices to make this tasty snack. The fact that it has no added preservatives is what makes it a healthier alternative. You can even add some chopped onions to add flavour. Find the complete recipe for Dal Moth Namkeen here.

3. Masoor Dal Ka Pakoda

Don’t we all just love gorging on pakodas during tea time? Now give a break to regular pakodas and try this masoor dal pakoda instead. These tiny balls are packed with protein and make the perfect accompaniment to your evening cup of tea. Again, you can reduce the oil content by opting for a different cooking method than deep-frying. Click here for the complete recipe for Masoor Dal Ka Pakoda.

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4. Kumaoni Badeel

Badeel is a kebab-like snack that hails from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It promises everything you expect from a kebab. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it tastes so good you won’t be able to resist. Serve them to your guests for your next chai session, and we are sure they’ll be impressed. Click here for the complete recipe for Kumaoni Badeel.

5. Masoor Dal Chaat

If you’re a fan of chaat, this recipe is just for you. It contains a mix of masoor, charred broccoli, potatoes, black beans, papaya, and more tossed in a special dressing. You can enjoy this chaat without the fear of consuming extra calories. Once you make it, you’ll find yourself making it again and again. Find the complete recipe for Masoor Dal Chaat here.
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Who knew masoor dal could be used to make such delicious snacks? Try them for yourself and make your tea time special. Happy Snacking!

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