From Kachori To Ghevar – A Complete Food Guide To Jodhpur Aka Blue City


When we think of travelling to Rajasthan, Jodhpur isn’t automatically the first city that pops to mind. Jaipur (or ‘pink city’) is the capital of the state and it undoubtedly has its share of tourists who throng in huge numbers across the year. But as a Delhi resident having explored Jaipur at least a zillion times, what else does Rajasthan have to offer to its visitors? My top recommendation would be a visit to Jodhpur. Although there are quite a few similarities between the two, Jodhpur (or ‘Blue City’) has a vibrant atmosphere and unique charm of its own. With bright blue skies and indigo-hued houses, Jodhpur surely deserves a spot on your bucket list. You could spend days ambling about old Jodhpur or gorging on some crispy kachoris, and you wouldn’t even realise how and where time passed!

Food Guide To Jodhpur: All You Need To Know About Food While Visiting Blue City

When I sat down to collect my thoughts about my visit to the city, I realised there’s so much that it has to offer – not just in terms of travel and things to do, but also in terms of delicious food. Of course, there are always the tourist attractions such as Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan, but you would surely need some fuel to keep you powered up on your visit, right? Here’s a complete food guide to Jodhpur that you must keep handy on your next visit.

Food Hotspots In Jodhpur | Where In Jodhpur Do You Find The Best Food?

When it comes to food, Jodhpur will have you spoilt for choice. Rest assured, you’ll find plenty of cafes, restaurants, and eateries no matter which spot in the city you visit. If funky cafes and quirky bakeries are your things, you should head to C-Road in Sardarpura. An uptown market, it is a paradise for shoppers as well as food lovers. You can visit the 15 A.D. bakery, Gypsy restaurant or Jodhpur sweets here – as the three are located almost together.

If you are looking for authentic street food in Jodhpur with a slice of old-world charm, there’s the famous Ghantaghar market or Clock Tower Road as it is known among locals. From there, you can walk up to the Tripolia Bazar and feast on some memorable street foods and even get them packed for your near and dear ones before your return journey.

Apart from the delicious street food, there are also some amazing restaurants that are part of the city’s foodscape. A number of restaurants – Pal Haveli, Ras Haveli, Daspan House and Khass Bagh -are a little on the expensive side, but surely worth a visit.

What Food Is Jodhpur Famous For? | Top 5 Famous Street Foods Of Jodhpur

If you are a foodie and you are travelling to Jodhpur, trust me, you will definitely not run out of new options to try out. Even apart from the usual Rajasthani thali and Dal-Bati-Churma, there are plenty of intriguing new dishes that the city has to offer. The heat factor stays intact in this city’s culinary delights, with spices used in abundance as is characteristic of the desert state. The Kachoris, mirchi vadas and more are generously spiced – tantalising the palate and firing up our digestive system – in a good way of course!

I have collated some of the most delicious foods that you must try on your visit to Jodhpur. These are street-style foods that are sold in the markets of the old city. You may not find a place to sit at these places, so do keep this in mind. Bookmark these and add them to your list of things to do while in the Blue City.

Here Are The Top 5 Famous Foods In Jodhpur You Should Definitely Try:

1. Mirchi Vada at Solanki Mishthan Bhandar

I got this recommendation from a Jodhpur local, and I was not disappointed at all. The spicy and crunchy green chillies were complimented by the crisp besan batter in this binge-able spicy delight.


Solanki Mishthan Bhandar is popular for its namkeens, kachoris and mirchi vada. Photo: NDTV Food

2. Pyaaz And Moth Kachori at Solanki Mishthan Bhandar

Is a visit to Rajasthan ever complete without pyaaz kachori? The masala is slightly tangy and the dish is one of my personal favourites. While pyaaz kachori is best had on the same day, there is also a dal-stuffed version of it that has a longer shelf life and can be consumed within 24 hours.

3. Dal Bati Churma at Bhawani Dal Bati

Another Rajasthani classic, dal bati churma is also one of the most-loved treats in Jodhpur. You can visit Bhawani dal bati to try the local flavours of Jodhpur that give the dal bati a new avatar.

4. Shahi Samosa And Chaat at Clock Tower Road

Samosa and chaat are something I just cannot say no to. After days of spicy, masala-laden food, a plate full of Dahi Bhalla at Arora Chaat Bhandar followed by a special Shahi Samosa named after the eponymous eatery was the picture of bliss.


Shahi Samosa and Arora Chaat Bhandar. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

5. Gehu Ki Kheech at Gypsy

Once again, the Rajasthani Kheech soothes your palate after a sinful and spicy binge session. Made with broken wheat and milk, it is similar to the usual khichdi but actually quite different. You can savour a wonderful traditional Kheech at Gypsy restaurant on C-Road.


Gehu Ki Kheech. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

What Is The Famous Sweet Of Jodhpur? | Top 6 Must-Try Desserts In Blue City

If there is spicy food in Jodhpur, there is also enough sweetness to contrast it. In fact, the one thing that really surprised me about the food in Jodhpur was how sweet it was. Yes, the blue city truly does have a penchant for desserts and this was indeed a delight for me, having a huge sweet tooth. It is evident that locals have a huge sweet spot for desserts and this reflects in the street food culture of the city too!

Here Are The Top 6 Famous Desserts To Try In Jodhpur:

1. Jalebi at Jodhpur Sweets

According to locals, Jalebi is also quite a popular dessert in Jodhpur. You will really enjoy the morning Jalebi served at Jodhpur Sweets on C-Road. Pro tip: If you are in the old city, find out where ‘motu’ jalebi wala is located and try the jalebi there.


The famous Jalebi from motu in Jodhpur. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

2. Rabri Ke Laddoo at Jodhpur Sweets, C-Road

We bet you have never tried rabri ke laddoo anywhere in India before. In this unique dessert, milk is deep fried into small roundels or boondi, which are sandwiched together in the form of a laddoo and dipped into sugar syrup. This dessert is addictive indeed!


Rabri Ke Laddoo. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

3. Makhaniya Lassi at Mishrilal Rabri

One of Jodhpur’s most famous drinks, the Makhaniya lassi is smooth and refreshing. It’ll soothe your tastebuds after the endless Mirchi vada and kachori binges.

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4. Rabri and Kesar Peda at Mishrilal Rabri

Another one from Mishrilal, you will surely enjoy the Rabri and Kesar Peda served here. The small eatery will ensure good quality taste at affordable prices.


Kesar Peda. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

5. Rabri Ghevar at Mohanji Mithaiwala

Ghevar is a dessert that is quintessential to Rajasthan. But this Mava ghevar or Rabri ghevar at Mohanji Mithaiwala is a class apart and simply to die for. The creamy rabri on top of the ghevar is slightly molten in texture and compliments the crisp ghevar perfectly.


Rabri Ghevar is a must-try. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

6. Mawa Kachori at Janta Sweet Home

We all love masala kachoris, but how about a sweet version of it? As Jodhpuris are extremely fond of sweets, they also have a crispy mawa kachori drizzled with sugar syrup. You can even get it packed and take it to longer distances – it won’t get spoilt!

So, keep this food guide to Jodhpur handy on your next visit and tell us what you liked in the comments section!

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