Home HEALTH & FITNESS From Methi Pulao to Udupi-Style Pulao: 6 Must-Try One-Pot Winter Pulao Recipes That You Must Try

From Methi Pulao to Udupi-Style Pulao: 6 Must-Try One-Pot Winter Pulao Recipes That You Must Try

From Methi Pulao to Udupi-Style Pulao: 6 Must-Try One-Pot Winter Pulao Recipes That You Must Try


As the winter chill sets in, a cornucopia of seasonal vegetables beckons, inviting culinary enthusiasts to savour the unique pleasures of winter dining. The bounty of green vegetables available during this season serves as the inspiration for a variety of delectable dishes, ranging from parathas and rotis to snacks, biryani, and pulao. Among these, relishing a vegetable-rich pulao stands out as a particularly delightful experience. Renowned for its comforting essence, pulao is a one-pot wonder, self-sufficient yet often paired with accompaniments such as chutney or raita. The versatility of pulao allows for the incorporation of one’s favourite vegetables, significantly elevating its nutritional quotient – a boon for those seeking to entice children into consuming their greens. In contrast to biryani, pulao boasts a simpler preparation process, avoiding lengthy intricacies while infusing a symphony of whole spices to enhance both taste and aroma. Here, we present a compilation of delightful and aromatic pulao recipes tailored for the winter season.

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Here Are 6 Must-Try One-Pot Winter Pulao Recipes :

1. Zucchini Methi Pulao:

Elevate your rice experience by indulging in this exquisite pulao, skillfully crafted from the amalgamation of two green vegetables-nutrient-packed fenugreek leaves and the versatile zucchini. Mild spices come together to create a winter pulao that promises an unfamiliar yet delightful flavour profile. Click here

2. Udupi Style-Vegetable Pulao:

For aficionados of South Indian cuisine, the Udupi Vegetable Pulao is a must-try. This classic South Indian rice dish, prepared with a special spice paste and an abundance of vegetables, promises a delectable one-pot meal ready in just 20 minutes. Click here

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3. Spinach Rice:

Harness the nutritional prowess of winter-favourite spinach by transforming it into a flavoursome Palak Rice or Pulao. The infusion of spinach puree, combined with an array of intriguing spices, transforms this one-pot meal into a nutritional triumph. Click here

4. Matar Pulao:

The winter season heralds the arrival of peas, a versatile vegetable finding its way into sabzi, paratha, and the widely cherished Matar Pulao. Tailor this pulao to your taste preferences, opting for a medley of whole spices or introducing a spicy twist with powdered spices. Click here

5. Veg Pulao:

Kickstart your winter culinary journey with Mix Veg Pulao, featuring a medley of carrots, cabbage, beans, peas, and cheese. Infused with whole spices, this aromatic delight can be effortlessly prepared in either a pressure cooker or a pan within a mere 20 minutes. Click here

6. Coconut Milk Pulao:

Experience the epitome of comfort with Coconut Milk Pulao – a unique rendition that eschews vegetables in favour of whole spices, cashew nuts, onions, and tomatoes. The addition of coconut milk during the rice-cooking process imparts a creamy texture and a distinct taste that sets this pulao apart. A winter indulgence worth savouring. Click here

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When the craving for something tasty and heartwarming strikes in the winter season, these pulao recipes beckon, offering a culinary escape that demands minimal effort for maximum satisfaction.


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