Home HEALTH & FITNESS From Snake Pizza To Oreo Pizza, 6 Bizarre Pizza Varieties That Got The Internet Talking

From Snake Pizza To Oreo Pizza, 6 Bizarre Pizza Varieties That Got The Internet Talking

From Snake Pizza To Oreo Pizza, 6 Bizarre Pizza Varieties That Got The Internet Talking


Pizza is one of the most beloved Italian delicacies. It is also often the subject of experimentation at homes and at various types of eating establishments. From your local street food vendor to that sophisticated fine-dining restaurant, everyone likes to give their own twist to pizzas. While some of these unconventional recipes are a hit, others are too strange to escape public scrutiny. Wondering just how bizarre some of these pizza varieties can be? Below are six of them that have grabbed many eyeballs online. How many of them are you tempted to try?

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Here Are 6 Bizarre Pizzas That Have Taken The Internet By Storm:

1. Snake Pizza

Recently, Pizza Hut has revealed that it is collaborating with a century-old restaurant in Hong Kong to offer a unique pizza topped with snake meat. Yes, you read that right! According to CNN, this new treat also includes black mushrooms and Chinese dried ham. Together with snack meat, they are “all indispensable ingredients of an authentic snake stew”. The 9-inch pizza will be available to try until November 22.

2. Pickle Pizza

While it’s definitely not as unusual as snake meat, the idea of pickles on pizza also made waves online some months ago. This was an actual limited-edition offering made by Pizza Hut US and the official announcement led to a debate of sorts on X (formerly Twitter). Find more details here.

3. Dry Fruit Pizza

A few months ago, a video showing a food stall in Ahmedabad selling “dry fruits pizza” received a lot of interest online. In the viral Instagram reel, the food vendor is seen spreading a red sauce over a small pizza base. He adds a few raisins and cashew nuts on top before baking it in an oven. Later, he adds a generous amount of cheese. Find out exactly how social media users reacted to it here.

4. Banana Pizza

In this case, it was not the topping but the base of the pizza that infuriated people online. In the viral video, a person can be observed mashing bananas on a pan. After the mash has cooked, he layers it with tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. Wondering what people thought of it? “This isn’t even cringe this is just criminal behaviour,” state one user. Check out the full story here.

5. Vada Pav Pizza

This one has pizza in its name, but is assembled rather differently. In the viral reel, a food vendor is seen topping pav with mayonnaise, red sauce, vada, cheese and veggies. He then drizzles an orange-coloured sauce on top, adds jalapenos and bakes the dish in the oven. Later, he grates more cheese! Call it pizza vada pav or vada pav pizza, social media users were far from convinced about its taste. As one user declared, “My Marathi soul has left the world.” Read the complete story here.

6. Oreo Pizza

Now this one is a sweet and savoury combination that left the Internet divided. The viral video showcases a slice of pizza loaded with chocolate, Oreo cookies and chocolate chips. The reel received millions of views on Instagram and sparked a range of reactions. While some found the idea “delicious,” others were of the opinion that it should be “illegal”. Read more here.

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