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Frozen Peas In Your Freezer? Funny Tweet Proves Youre Not Alone

Frozen Peas In Your Freezer? Funny Tweet Proves Youre Not Alone


There are so many funny and quirky habits of Indians that unite us all. Food and kitchen habits, especially, would make up a large category of characteristics that are common to us desis. Recently, a man tweeted about how his refrigerator door always has a half-cut tomato and lemon kept in it along with sachets of oregano and chilli flakes. The hilarious tweet had struck a chord with so many Indians. And now, another tweet has proved to be extremely relatable for internet users. Twitter user @ginandt0nic shared how his mother hoards peas in her freezer. Take a look:

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The tweet was posted by the user on March 16, 2023. In a short span of time, it has raked in over 114.8k views and 2.5k likes. In the click, we could see at least six huge plastic boxes filled with peas. Rather than using store-bought frozen peas or fresh peas, the mother preferred to do the hard work herself and stock up for the summer season. “Why do Desi moms hoard peas like they’re preparing for an apocalypse,” he wrote in the caption.

A number of desi users reacted to the hilarious post. Many agreed that this was the same in their household as well. “This is pretty much the same at my place,” said one user while another wrote, “I thought this was just my mom!” Several others pointed out that it was a valid thing to do considering the rising prices of peas during the off-season. “They hoard palak, gobi and phalli among other things as well,” wrote one user while another said, “Getting a horde of guests all of a sudden isn’t less than an apocalypse!”

Take a look at the reactions:

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If you are wondering what should be in your freezer and what should be tossed out, we have a handy guide for you. Come summer, it is a good idea to freeze certain foods but certain others are best removed. Click here to know more.

What did you think of the frozen peas in the freezer? Tell us if you do the same in your household as well.


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