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Funny Tweet About Indian Refrigerator Doors Is Too Relatable To Miss

Funny Tweet About Indian Refrigerator Doors Is Too Relatable To Miss


Be it our ability to make the most of every situation, our keen sense of ‘jugaad’ or simply our daily habits, there are so many peculiar things that unite Indians. Somehow, there are some quirky traits or things that are common to practically every Indian household. One such common denominator is the refrigerator in every Indian home. Typically, there are some foods and drinks which are always found in the fridge by default. So, when a Twitter user took to the micro-blogging platform to share what’s in the refrigerator door at his home, it struck a chord across the internet. Take a look:

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The funny tweet was shared by user Sandeep Thapar (@sandythapar). Posted on March 20, it has already received over 34k views and hundreds of likes and comments by verified users. “Do refrigerator doors in all Indian houses have a half lemon & half tomato lying in the space adjacent to the egg tray,” he asked in his tweet. “Mine also has hundreds of Oregano and chilly flake packets that come free with pizzas,” he added.
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Several Twitter users poured in their reactions and said that they found the tweet quite relatable. A number of Indian users shared their analysis and realised that even their refrigerator doors had similar contents as described in the tweet. “Lemon yes, tomato no. Oregano and chilli flakes yes. Chocolate blocks too are found in mine,” wrote one user. “And Hari mirch as well. Well, not just next to the egg tray, actually the egg tray in the fridge in all vegetarian families are used for these items only,” added another.

Yet another user praised Indian people for using resources to the maximum and saving money and avoiding food wastage. “The multiplier effect of this would run in saving in excess of 1lac of crore in a year,” wrote one user.

Take a look at the reactions:

Do you also store lemons and tomatoes in your fridge door as described in the funny tweet? Tell us in the comments below.


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