Genius! Man Reveals A Unique Trick To Eat Peanut Butter And Biscuit Together; Video Instantly Goes Viral


We come across tons of viral content on social media on a daily basis. Most of it is fun, fascinating and some of it is even useful. From life hacks, kitchen tips to other mind-boggling concepts that we have never been introduced to, there is no doubt that Instagram has become one of our usual sources of infotainment. It is on this social media platform that we have come across various viral recipes, kitchen hacks that helped us survive through the pandemic, and cooking tips that have blown our minds. Recently, we came across another viral video on Instagram that made us go ‘wow!’

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If you have a sweet tooth and like snacking on sweet and crunchy treats, this viral video might be the revelation you didn’t know you needed! Say, how many times have you made yourself a simple jam and biscuit sandwich for a mid-day snack or a quick late-night dessert? Uncountable times, right? Many of us even use peanut butter, Nutella, and other fillings of our choice. As much as these sweet and crunchy sandwiches hit the spot with ease and accessibility, they are also quite messy to prepare. Trails of biscuit crumbs on the kitchen floor and messy sticky hands give away proof of your indulgence, but not anymore! We came across a brilliant video of a man who has been deemed ‘Genius’ by the internet. His commendable trick of eating peanut butter with biscuits without using his hands at all has garnered him praises and made the video an instant hit amongst people worldwide. Take a look at it here:

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The video was originally uploaded by Tik Tok content creator Emily Ann on her Instagram page @thikk.fila. It was then re-shared by a famous entertainment page by the name ‘Pubity’. The video has 15.8 mil views, 1.1 mil likes, and over 5000 comments within 24hrs. The simple trick is to get yourself a butter knife, dip it in the peanut butter bottle and use the same knife to stick biscuits on both sides of the knife. The sticky peanut butter will hold the biscuits and you can eat this dish without putting much effort at all.

The viewers were highly impressed and have left many hilarious comments on the video:

“This is Nobel prize material”

“Einstein is jealous right now”

“He’s living in 3008 and I’m stuck in 2000 and late”

“Answer to ‘what if we used 100% of our brain?”

“Definition of work smarter not harder”

“This man is going places”

“This has to be the smoothest way I’ve ever seen someone make peanut butter crackers”

“He’s here from the future, for sure”

“You are watching a master at work”

What do you think about this trick? Will you be trying it out soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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