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India’s love affair with whisky knows no bounds. The ubiquitous drink is the poison of choice for countless Indians across the globe. Whether it’s part of a wedding bash or just a way to unwind at the end of a long and tiring day, there’s no denying our love for whisky. Whisky is used to refer to liquor made by fermenting grains such as barley in huge oak barrels. There are various factors that affect its flavour profile, including its composition, the duration for which it is fermented as well as the kind of wood used in the making of the barrels.

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Just like any other liquor, whisky can be consumed by itself or mixed with soda water, ice or simple distilled water. Whisky also serves as an excellent base for making delightful cocktails, such as the Whisky Sour and the classic Old Fashioned. When we think of the top whisky brands in India, there is a balanced mix of Indian and international ones. Whisky drinkers and connoisseurs would appreciate this handy list of prices of their favourite alcoholic beverage. We have collated the prices from Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. These are prices of 12-year single malt whiskies in 750ml quantity in rupees and may vary as per new government rules and regulations.

Here Is The List Of Top Whisky Brands And Their Price:

Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata
Glenfiddich Rs. 7400 Rs. 6700 Rs. 4705 NA
Glenlivet Rs. 5400 Rs. 7200 Rs. 4200 Rs. 7350
Grant’s Rs. 1610 NA Rs. 1940 NA
Johnnie Walker Rs. 4600 Rs. 3750 Rs. 3730 Rs. 14180
Teacher’s Rs. 2000 Rs. 4080 Rs. 2865 Rs. 3770
100 Pipers Rs. 1310 Rs. 3500 Rs. 2770 Rs. 3510
Ballantine’s Rs. 2700 Rs. 2900 Rs. 3645 Rs. 2820
Monkey Shoulder Rs. 3800 Rs. 5850 Rs. 4420 NA
Vat 69 Rs. 1500 Rs. 2300 Rs. 2725 Rs. 2340
Chivas Regal Rs. 2900 Rs. 3850 Rs. 4700 Rs. 5400
Blender’s Pride Rs. 750 Rs. 1300 Rs. 1335 Rs. 1350
Rockford Reserve Rs. 850 Rs. 1500 Rs. 1335 NA
Rampur Rs. 5800 NA NA NA
Royal Ranthambore Rs. 1600 Rs. 2700 Rs. 2450 NA
Amrut Amalgam Rs. 3640 Rs. 4100 Rs. 4255 NA
Balvenie NA NA Rs. 6535 NA
Talisker NA Rs. 7250 Rs. 4490 NA
Jameson NA Rs. 3500 Rs. 2100 NA
Royal Salut NA Rs. 23000 Rs. 19525 NA
Royal Stag Rs. 450 Rs. 680 Rs. 855 Rs. 980
Glenmorangie NA Rs. 7470 NA NA
Dewars NA Rs. 2550 Rs. 3320 Rs. 2470

Note that this list is in no way exhaustive and there are many more whisky brands out there across Indian cities. But it’s surely a good place to get started! 

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