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Gordon Ramsay Tastes Chocolate Made By YouTuber, His Epic Reaction Is Now Viral

Gordon Ramsay Tastes Chocolate Made By YouTuber, His Epic Reaction Is Now Viral


The internet is home to all sorts of strange experiments and culinary inventions. We often encounter some truly interesting videos related to food. It is quite easy to spend hours and hours scrolling on through our social media feed, thanks to the abundance of entertainment that is available on our smartphones. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is one such amazing personality who the internet simply adores. His brutally honest reviews of all kinds of food, cooking techniques, and dishes often leave the internet rolling on the floor with laughter. Recently, the Masterchef tasted some chocolate that was made by an American YouTuber. His epic reaction has gone viral on the internet. Take a look:


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The video was shared by popular US-based YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast on June 12, 2022. In a span of just four days, the short clip has already amassed over 26 million views and 2 million likes.

Mr. Beast launched his own brand of chocolate under his own name. He wanted to make Gordon Ramsay try the chocolate and give his feedback. “I’m going to ask Gordon Ramsay which chocolate tastes better. And be brutally honest,” he says in the video. There were two chocolates in the video; the one created by the YouTuber that cost a few bucks, and the other one which was 400-dollar chocolate bought off the internet.

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Mr. Beast has done all kinds of interesting and extreme activities on YouTube.

Gordon Ramsay tried Mr. Beast’s chocolate first. He said it was very good and expressed his surprise that it was made with only five ingredients. Next, he tried the 400-dollar chocolate and compared it with the first one. On being asked which one was better, Ramsay said, “Definitely yours.” The moment the YouTuber started to rejoice, he added, “Comes second!”

The epic reaction by Gordon Ramsay and how he rated the two chocolate bars won over many fans on YouTube. “The fact that Gordon didn’t spit out Mr. Beast’s Chocolate means it’s actually really good,” wrote one user. Another said, “This is a typical Gordon Ramsay roast!”

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