Home HEALTH & FITNESS Have You Tried Sadya This Onam Festival? We Found The Perfect Spread At Mahabelly

Have You Tried Sadya This Onam Festival? We Found The Perfect Spread At Mahabelly

Have You Tried Sadya This Onam Festival? We Found The Perfect Spread At Mahabelly


India, a land of rich cultural heritage, is adorned with numerous festivals that celebrate the diversity and essence of its people. Onam, the 10-day ongoing harvest festival stands tall as a symbol of unity, joy, and gastronomical delight. Central to this festive occasion is the grand feast known as Onam Sadya, a culinary extravaganza that tantalises the taste buds and captures the heart. Onam celebrations are not limited to Kerala, other states also witness a lot of enthusiasm among people. Delhi too is brimming with Onam festivities with many restaurants welcoming you to enjoy the traditional Sadya. Our quest for an authentic Sadya took us to Mahabelly, a south Indian restaurant in Saket.

Sadya – A Feast Fit For A King

Onam Sadya is a diverse spread of vegetarian delicacies served on a large banana leaf. Sadya translates to ‘banquet’ in Malayalam. A typical sadya comprises 26 dishes of various flavours and textures that blend harmoniously to create a gastronomic experience like no other. We got to experience the perfect banquet of specialities in the Sadya of Mahabelly, which followed all the rules that a traditional Sadya demands.
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Sadya Splendors: A Multitude of Flavours On A Banana Leaf

First of all, the banana leaf should point to the left. Zachariah Jacob, Partner At Mahabelly, told us that a good Sadya should have at least 20 different dishes. Sadya starts from the left with some salty and sweet dishes, followed by sour treats and ends with sweet desserts on the extreme right. Traditional dishes like pachadi, olan, banana chips, kalan, thoran and more fill up and beautify the leaf.
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The star of the show is the humble rice, the staple that forms the heart of the meal. This is accompanied by an assortment of curries, chutneys, pickles, and crisps, each contributing a unique element to the ensemble. Click here to learn about all the 26 dishes that go into making a traditional sadya.

Since Onam is a harvest festival, the Sadya uses a lot of seasonal vegetables on the platter. Are you craving a big, hearty Sadya now? Make a simple Sadya at home with our recipes. In no mood for cooking? Head to your favourite South Indian restaurant that is serving Sadya during the festival, and don’t forget to eat it the right way – with your hands.

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