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Heatwave Alert: Ministry Of Health Shares Food Guidelines To Stay Cool

Heatwave Alert: Ministry Of Health Shares Food Guidelines To Stay Cool


Summers are in full swing across the country and even all over the world. Record-high temperatures, searing heat, dry winds and increased dehydration are quite common during the hot summer months. To avoid health issues and to stay fit and healthy during this time, governments declare it a ‘heatwave’ and ask their citizens to exercise precautions. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (GOI) recently took to Twitter to share some guidelines to protect against heat-related illnesses.
We all know that drinking plenty of water and fluids is critical during the summer months. This is so that the water levels in the body can be maintained and no illnesses are caused during heatwave conditions. However, there are certain food practices and guidelines that can be followed during the heatwave period. The Ministry of Health took to Twitter to share these precautions with the hashtag ‘Beat The Heat’. “Food-related precautions to stay protected against heat-related illnesses,” they wrote in the header text.

Here Are The Food Guidelines To Stay Cool During a Heatwave As Per Health Ministry, GOI:

1. Ventilate the cooking area

The Ministry suggested that the cooking area should be properly ventilated at all times. Thus, opening doors and windows is important when cooking during hot weather so that the air circulates properly and does not cause suffocation.

2. Avoid cooking in peak summer hours

As per the guidelines, it is best not to cook during peak summer hours. This is because the sun is at its maximum potential and is already causing temperatures to rise. It is best not to cook during the afternoon or mid-morning to avoid illnesses.
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It is important to avoid cooking during peak summer hours. Photo: iStock

3. Do not eat stale food

The Ministry also advised exercising caution in choosing what to eat. Stale food is a strict no-no, while high-protein food is also best avoided during the heatwave period.

4. Avoid alcohol, soft drinks, caffeine

While it is important to stay hydrated during summer, the post suggested alcohol, tea and coffee should be avoided during a heatwave. This is because these drinks cause the body to lose more fluid which is not ideal for the summer months. Similarly, carbonated soft drinks should also be avoided.
Take a look at the full post by the Ministry here:

For a complete list of what to eat and what to avoid in the heatwave, click here.


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