Hina Khans Drool-Worthy Food Diaries From Mauritius Are Making Us Hungry


Hina Khan has caught the travel bug and is currently soaking in the beauty of Mauritius. But what’s a journey without delicious food, especially for a self-proclaimed food lover like Hina? The actress is fully embracing her foodie side, treating herself to some delectable cuisine in Mauritius, and generously sharing it with her fans. Recently, in a series of Instagram stories, she gave us a peek into the mouth-watering dishes she has been savouring during her stay. From scenic landscapes to delightful food, Hina Khan is making her Mauritius trip an absolute feast for her followers.
The opening slide captured Hina Khan relishing a salted pretzel (a type of baked bread product made from dough, commonly shaped into a knot) with a generous cube of butter. With pure foodie enthusiasm, she expressed her delight in the caption, “Salted pretzel yumm.” Next, the actress shared a picture of a crunchy taco, filled with what appears to be avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cilantro, and salsa. Expressing gratitude, she mentioned, “They made this specially for me.” Take a look:
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In the following slide, Hina Khan shared a picture of two finely cooked lobsters, accompanied by a side of vegetables, a lemon, and some melted butter. Captioning the image, she wrote, “Fresh catch of the day from Red Lobster.” Next, she shared a picture of a presentation of shrimp delicately arranged atop coriander leaves, garnished with a slice of lemon. Expressing her sheer love for food, she captioned it with a playful “I live for foood” and added, “Khao piyo khush raho [Eat, drink, be happy].” Finally, for dessert, the food enthusiast treated her followers to a tempting view of a bowl of tiramisu, topped with two slices of what seems to be a biscuit or bruschetta. Hina Khan’s food diary did not end here. She also offered a glimpse into her breakfast, featuring what appeared to be a spread of two hash browns, two slices of mango, and a piece of boiled tomato, a combination of savory and sweet flavours.
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We can’t wait to see more glimpses from Hina Khan’s foodie diaries.

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