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Homemade Tutti Fruity Vanilla Ice Cream With The Healthy Spin Of Fruits And Nuts

Homemade Tutti Fruity Vanilla Ice Cream With The Healthy Spin Of Fruits And Nuts


Tutti fruity ice cream recipe is mut-try.


  • Want to make ice cream at home?
  • Try tutti fruity ice cream with the goodness of fruits and nuts.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

When the cold winds of winters give way to bright sunny days of summer, our appetite gravitates towards all things cold. As the summer peaks, ice-creams become our saviour to cool down our body and mind. There are so many kinds of sweet and yummy ice-creams that you get in ice-cream parlours, but if you want to make some at home, you’ll be surprised to know that you can actually replicate many of the flavours in your own kitchen. You might have already tried pain vanilla, strawberry, mango, chocolate and other such simple ice-creams. But if you want to whip us something different this time, try tutti fruity ice cream.

Tutti fruity ice-cream, with the delectable crunch and sweetness of tutti fruity raisins is something everyone likes, especially kids. Here we have a recipe of tutti fruity ice-cream that is healthier and tastier. This tutti fruity ice-cream is an exciting amalgamation of our favourite vanilla ice-cream and jam, some fresh fruits and nuts.

Fruits and nuts add the element of health with the goodness of nutrients that come in abundance from both these foods. The best part is you can choose any fruits and any nuts to make this ice-cream.

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Pick any fruit to make this ice cream. 


How To Make Tutti Fruity Ice Cream At Home I Tutti Fruity Ice Cream Recipe

This ice-cream can be easily made at home and takes hardly any time once you’ve assembled all the ingredients.


Here’s the complete recipe of homemade tutti fruity ice cream.

To make this ice-cream, just place some fruits at the bottom of a tall glass. Top it with some vanilla ice-cream, then throw in some jam and nuts. Repeat the same with another layer of fruits, ice-cream, jam and nuts. And finally, top with the last scoop of ice-cream, jam and nuts. Also, decorate the ice cream with some whipped cream for an extra bang of flavour and texture.

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